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NERJA, A VLOG – My Only Advice? Stay Away From Nitrogen Cocktails and be Aware of Cave Prices

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Another year older, another year bolder. I turned my brand new age in Nerja. Where else?

Editing is a little abrupt post caves; every time I tried to make that transition smoother, iMovie would freeze. I don’t think it’s a fan of caves. Perhaps the application is a little claustrophobic.

Enjoy! Happy Wednesday and all that stuff. Four days until a new month. Ridiculous.




MAY VLOG PART 2 – A Random VLOG. More Chats, My Brother Comes to Visit and Processions are Going Strong

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May Part 2…finally! The last date I remember really focusing on was June 5th. I finished work for my birthday and since then and now, things have been nuts. Work is obviously a priority and it has been insane…but all good – I work well under pressure and always have. I prefer it! It did mean that I had less time for editing but I got this part 2er wrapped up last night. On the plus side, I also have the whole weekend ahead of me to get some Nerja editing done and I plan to share some clips of a beautiful wedding that Iñaki, his brother Joaquín and I attended last Saturday – it was in an old monastery not too far from Guadalajara outside the centre of Madrid. So if you’re into weddings and crumbling architecture in the middle of nowhere, I got you!

This VLOG is pretty much what the title says. It’s random, I chat about nonsense (as usual) my brother comes to visit, I got a lash lift (glam, I know) and you’ll get a glimpse of Granada’s Science Museum which is a pretty impressive place. That and food, drinks, blah blah blah. Oh, and I have my first ‘club’ experience in Granada. After almost 3 years of living here. #grannylifeforever

I hope you enjoy!

Happy Sat, folks. xx

Granada – Madrid VLOG – 2 x El Clásico (Copa del Rey, La Liga) Family, Friends, Food

A fresh new vlog! Which was meant to be up about 2 weeks ago, and then during the week, and then last night…but WHO’S COUNTING

We took a trip to Madrid at the start of March and had all the fun. All the ‘F’ things were involved; family, friends, food, football, foolishness and as I already mentioned but will mention again, FUN.

Hope you enjoy! Also hopin’ your weekend is going swimmingly.


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