Simple Easy Recipes – A YouTube Video

Guys! It’s time! A new video. I know you’ve been literally hanging on the edge of your seats to see what sort of nonsense I’d get up to next. Well, wait no more you shall. Or…wait no more you shall not? Bit of Yoda there either way.
Anyway, back to the video. My favourite part has to be the intro music I found (royalty free of course, no one wants to be sued. Negative craic) and I am HOWLING. I am far too amused by it. I played the whole thing three times through just for fun, screw video editing. I feel like I should have been cast for a part in the Peter Rabbit movie for finding this gem. Forget Domhall Gleeson.

Anyway, just sharing a little video of me, myself and I in my humble little cooking quarters makin’ some food, where I ramble just as much as I do on camera as I do here via the written word.

The recipes are simple; no-brainers, nutritious, filling, inexpensive and just fun and easy to make. You also won’t experience that annoying thing where I tell you that you need some whack ingredient from that one specialised store halfway across town. These are simple AF.

I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

Any questions, hit me up.

Yours forever in rambling,



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