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Happy Easter!

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A very poorly photographed weekend.

Happy Monday! I would never encourage or advocate Monday well-wishings on the majority of Mondays throughout the year, as many people turn into rottweilers at the beginning of a new week. It’s totally safe this week though, with two 4 day weeks ahead/1 long weekend. Whichever way you want to spin it.

My weekend was eventful, though poorly photographed. When I was putting these pictures up, I genuinely couldn’t identify what many of them were, so they got the axe. I did have good company, good food, lots of boozy dates and bought myself a summery dress, though I’m still waiting on Spring. I thought Spain would be kinder to me, but it’s still freezing here. Terrace seating is making a return however, since last October. So hopefully things will take a turn soon!

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A Week at Home Part 2

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A week at home

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All things French

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Carrot Cake

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