A week at home


I’m home! Until Saturday. Did anyone else notice that flight prices are crazy this month, due to Easter and St. Patrick’s Day? My visit is short but very sweet all the same. I’m home for a 3 day patch test to identify skin irritations and allergies, which will hopefully help in understanding the reason for random flareups. The patch test can be a little pricey, but if I think it’s worth the money and if I have successful results, I’ll write more on that later.



On Friday night, Niall and I went to one of our favourite Salamanca spots, La Tagliatella, for my bon voyage meal. We started with the usual mouthwatering focaccia with a bottle of house red. Niall went for a crazy looking pizza and I plumped for the four cheese, pesto and mushroom calzone. We chatted and laughed and chatted some more, over espressos and fondue. Having behaved very well all week with an early night the night previous, we decided to follow dinner with some drinks and music.
Singer/songwriter Teresa Martin

While I find it normal that I choose what brand of gin to go for…
Choosing the tonic was definitely new to me.

Beer and glowing gin and tonic
Airport snacks. Madrid airport is notoriously expensive. This cost me over €11, the sandwich was pretty bad! The Spanish tortilla is nice but again, very small and expensive. Wifi isn’t free either. I fly from Terminal 1, I think T3 or T4 have more offerings, like McDonalds, and Zara for shopping. Terminal 1 now have a Starbucks (the terminal’s only recognisable brand name) so those prices are pretty true to standard.


My Saturday night arrival at home was greeted with family, friends, champagne, wine, cheeses, cakes, prawns, all sorts! My Mam has made a tradition of this now, which is such a thoughtful touch.


For Mother’s Day, we went to Masterson’s Steakhouse in Swords, North Dublin. Masterson’s has a great menu with huge variety – perfect steaks, fish, a fantastic mix of starters, desserts and a great atmosphere. It’s a little far from Dublin city but it’s one of Dublin’s best restaurants in my opinion..it doesn’t disappoint! If you’re ever staying near or at Dublin airport, it’s only 10 minutes away.

My wonderful Mam on Mother’s Day. We caught up, shared a bottle of white wine and ordered steaks. I went for the surf and turf, and used the red wine jus as dip for my potato wedges. The dish of all dishes!
Masterson’s service is great, but they can falter a little when things are busy. I ordered baked american cheesecake with pecans and an espresso, but they dessert took too long and the espresso was freezing when it arrived. The waitress was incredibly apologetic and removed the charges. We didn’t have time for dessert, so no pictures!
Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 15.02.14

I then stopped by my Nana’s house to give gifts and cake, to check on her plants and look at old photos.




Sadly, my Grandad passed 12 years ago this year. I wear his watch though, I never travel without it, it keeps me safe and sound.


Waking up to a few inches of snow on Monday was surprising. The pond was frozen over, and the cats wanted in…


..to warm up on the radiator.

It’s nice to be home. Sometimes I forget how peaceful and relaxing it can be.

My second hospital appointment is tomorrow, and I have dinner and drinks with friends before returning back to Salamanca in time for St. Patrick’s Day. I hear that they turn the Plaza Mayor green for the occasion. Will you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

♥ ♥ ♥