A Week at Home Part 2


I’m back in Salamanca after a whirlwind week at home. My allergy patch tests took up three mornings and afternoons of my trip, so that kept me busy in itself. When they removed the patches on Wednesday morning, there were no visible allergic reactions. If they couldn’t be identified on Wednesday, I doubt they’d be there on Friday, and I was right..it was disappointing out of 114 chemicals not to find anything, which means more detective work in the skin department, but at the same time, 114 chemicals don’t bother me!

My Mam and I went to the Ristretto Restaurant & Café across the road as we had some free time before my next appointment. I had a cinnamon and apple scone and a flat white. They were both delicious…the scone was the size of my head. I’m definitely going to try these myself over the next few days.


Mam had the salmon on ‘crushed’ potatoes. She said it was nice, but there was a little too much oil for her liking.


That night I went for dinner with my good friend Ash and wore Mam’s Louboutins. The picture is dark but they’re a gorgeous pair of patent round toe courts.


Ash (incredibly photogenic, isn’t she?) and the shoulder in the corner is my wonderful sister..she hates having her photo taken!


We washed down our dinner with incredibly tart and fresh margaritas, served in red perspex blocks.


While I was home, there were a few confirmations and communions taking place. I saw this framed photo of my Dad and I on the day of my communion when I was just 7. I loved my dress on the day and I still do! On Friday after my last appointment, Mam, my sister and I went to the new Avoca in Malahide Castle, North Dublin. Malahide Park/Castle has recently undergone a refurbishment and it’s just gorgeous now. I wrote about Avoca previously here during a trip to Dublin city over Christmas, I always stop by when I’m there. But this new Avoca is a whole other animal – it’s huge, spacious, the displays are beautiful as is the restaurant. It also has a little hidden alcove filled with beauty goodies, including Dr Hauschka and Butter nail polishes.



The Malahide Castle kitty, showing off and meowing for attention outside!


Nosy peacock..


One of the Easter eggs around Dublin in various spots for the Easter egg hunt. They’re all over the place.


Bits and pieces in Avoca


Gorgeous diplays


All kinds of biscuits, cookies, biscotti. Ideal for gifts.


Jamie Oliver..


and Orla Kiely kitchenware.




A huge selection of cookbooks, coffee table books, travel books, self help and fiction. Looking around the store you can hear the clanking of cutlery and cups, chatting and laughter flowing from the restaurant. I like everything about the layout. The staff are also incredibly friendly and helpful.



Avoca restaurant. (Not the same food as the one in the city and it works like a canteen, but it’s large, bright and spacious with more than enough seating)


I had (another!) flat white, and a focaccia, serrano ham, goats cheese, rocket and peppers sandwich. It was perfection. A little pricey though, at €6.95.


I’m so glad I finally had the chance to visit the new Avoca. My Mam goes all the time and raves about it. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in Dublin, and it’s great to have a new place to hang out that isn’t in the city, if you don’t fancy paying for parking or feel like something quieter. We didn’t feel rushed, spent quite some time in the restaurant and the store and I came home with avoca candles, soaps and a new coffee mug for the apartment.  Some food and many products in store can be expensive, but it’s definitely worth it….and you’re supporting an Irish company!

♥ ♥ ♥