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I did it! I managed to publish June vlogs before July slides in on Monday. The snake. I love when I get to check things off my lists. I live by ’em. Tick, tick, tick! So good.

Actually, my “I think I’ll try vlogging as a new hobby in 2019 and publish one video a month” goal on one of my bigger lists (I swear, they’re all over the apartment) has certainly been achieved. Everything’s coming up Milhouse.

One little thing in this VLOG I feel like I need to mention is the sound. It’s up and down in a lot of clips. Anytime I tried reducing the background noise, it sounded like I was speaking into a tin can while scratching a blackboard, sooo it was best to leave those fancy bells and whistles and just experiment with various volume levels.

I mean, Madrid is a noisy city and weddings are noisy places too. Especially when everyone is merry and we’re given our very own Swiss Army knife. No really, that last part is true!

Enjoy and Happy Saturday,

NERJA, A VLOG – My Only Advice? Stay Away From Nitrogen Cocktails and be Aware of Cave Prices

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Another year older, another year bolder. I turned my brand new age in Nerja. Where else?

Editing is a little abrupt post caves; every time I tried to make that transition smoother, iMovie would freeze. I don’t think it’s a fan of caves. Perhaps the application is a little claustrophobic.

Enjoy! Happy Wednesday and all that stuff. Four days until a new month. Ridiculous.




MAY VLOG PART 2 – A Random VLOG. More Chats, My Brother Comes to Visit and Processions are Going Strong

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May Part 2…finally! The last date I remember really focusing on was June 5th. I finished work for my birthday and since then and now, things have been nuts. Work is obviously a priority and it has been insane…but all good – I work well under pressure and always have. I prefer it! It did mean that I had less time for editing but I got this part 2er wrapped up last night. On the plus side, I also have the whole weekend ahead of me to get some Nerja editing done and I plan to share some clips of a beautiful wedding that Iñaki, his brother Joaquín and I attended last Saturday – it was in an old monastery not too far from Guadalajara outside the centre of Madrid. So if you’re into weddings and crumbling architecture in the middle of nowhere, I got you!

This VLOG is pretty much what the title says. It’s random, I chat about nonsense (as usual) my brother comes to visit, I got a lash lift (glam, I know) and you’ll get a glimpse of Granada’s Science Museum which is a pretty impressive place. That and food, drinks, blah blah blah. Oh, and I have my first ‘club’ experience in Granada. After almost 3 years of living here. #grannylifeforever

I hope you enjoy!

Happy Sat, folks. xx