MAY VLOG PART 1 – Burger Testing, Día de la Cruz, and a Recommendation for Booklovers

Another VLOG, May Part 1. I took it easy with recording last month, so about a third of the month was covered which I thought was pretty balanced. I also managed to keep it at 10 minutes long, and part 2 should be similar.

This is a chattier VLOG with a little Día de la Cruz coverage (a huge celebration here in Granada) burger tasting at one of Granada’s newest spots, Mostaza Green Burger, tapas hopping (nada new there, folks) and a recommendation for an email subscription for booklovers that I can’t live without, I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it before but it’s beyond useful and hella funsies.

Hope you enjoy! And yeeeeah….it ends abruptly. Sorry about that, but really..I’m saving you; who wants to see someone go lamp shopping? NO ONE. Mmmmhmmm.

♥ ♥ ♥