Documenting a Serene and Restorative Weekend.

Oh, hi! Here I am, hitting publish on what feels like a very fresh post and we’re already halfway through to another three-dayer.

Last weekend, I had the place all to myself. Since Friday-Sunday was all about me, myself and me, I decided to make it the calm, easy breezy kind. And what did I do to enjoy these carefree days to the max?

    • Walks – I walk a lot. All around Granada, all the time. Walking clears my head, and my best ideas come to me when I’m out there all fancy-free. Nothing’s better than filling my lungs with fresh air and getting my blood pumping. There’s that, and I discover all sorts of happenings and attractive looking things to photograph. What’s not to love about walking?


    • Iced coffee. I drank a lot of that. I love my coffee machine as if it were my own tiny child, but after an early morning double espresso the rest of the day my coffee has to be freezing.


    • I watched some good Netflix, and some really bad Netflix.


    • Books, articles. I read as much and as often as I can. Paperbacks, articles online, Spanish newspapers and magazines. My Kindle rarely leaves my side. I’m completely present when I’m reading and I don’t like to be disturbed, so my mobile tends to be in a different room. The two are mutually exclusive.


    • Yoga. Another thing I can’t live without and practice almost daily, regardless of the day of the week. Calming, relaxing, restorative…it makes me happy. I’m on almost 120 days this year so far, and although I did yoga most of 2018, I’ve noticed such a difference in my form, balance and the MAD shapes I can pretzel myself into compared to last year. I’m definitely a work in progress and yoga teaches you all about patience…the journey is the reward (I sound like a hippie. Who am I?!)


    • Shopping. I went to Nevada Shopping (a huge mall here in Granada) for a sprinkle dinkle (no idea why I typed that, I swear I’m not high) of retail therapy. I tend to online shop, but I needed some basics for summer (the weather is perfect right now, warm but breezy…but the heat will soon hit like a freight train) and of course, had my very favourite pizza. Tartufi e funghi. The best pizza in all the land. With a glass of red. For you know, the heart.


    • Out with the old, in with the new. I organised my wardrobe and donated some stuff, making space for my new purchases. I always feel better when I do that, don’t you? I also packed away winter clothes I won’t need until at least November. Or most likely, my next trip home. LOLZ. Some skanky old makeup and toiletries got the boot too. TO THE TRASH.


    • All the colours of the rainbow. When I’m not eating pizza, I take my time on the weekends making colourful salads (lots of Caprese last weekend) and smoothies. Fruit and vegetables are just so good here; it’s always a pleasure to spend time in the kitchen.

My slow livin’ rhythm was briefly interrupted (in a good way, of course) by a girl’s night for food, drinks and dancing. I can’t remember the last time I went dancing, but it definitely resulted in a good night’s sleep. I didn’t get up until Sunday afternoon, slept like a starfish (it feels good to hog the entire mattress) and enjoyed coffee in bed with the sun shining in (balcony doors open OFC(11!11!)

And that was it. Friday I was living in a cocoon and by Monday I had emerged as a BUTTERFLYYYYY!

Pics say more than my rambling ever could. Enjoy the rest of your week!
June is almost upon us. GEMINIS, UNITE.