Saint Patrick’s Weekend VLOG – A Particularly Sunny Granada, Token Sunset, Allergy Testing, Transportation to the ’20s and Baby Guinness for All

(Doing my very best Zoolander impression)

Happy long weekend Friday! Yes, yes, YES.

I’m so glad this VLOG is published! I enjoyed making it but I don’t know…the matches from the last one don’t really hold significance date-wise for a lot of people, unless you’re a football fan of course. It just looked like a regular ol’ weekend. But Saint Patrick’s Day?! It was almost seven weeks ago! Everyone knows when Saint Patrick’s Day is. GAWD. And, you know, the 100% true snake story. Because that definitely happened.

Anyhoodles, we ended up having quite the evening of craic (well, the week; kinda, we went to the Irish bar several times to warm up) and met a whole bunch of people from all over the place. The Scots are the maddest I tells ya, loveable rogues. I saw a Baby Guinness (ok, fine, several) shot for the first time in well…over five years anyway. Damn, they’re cheap here. Barmen had to participate too, it’s the only way.

Looking back on my vlogs so far, I realise that Granada’s tourism board should totally pay me big bucks. I make the place look like such a party town (which it is.) Much to my joy and detriment.
I mean, I could vlog my midweek life if you’re into walks, working in cafes, coffee with friends, lots of yoga, home cooking, reading, list making (I LIVE by lists, they’re all over my apartment like confetti) and evening football matches in the background (seriously, how are there so many at the moment?!) but I figured filming Granada weekends is more entertaining. If you prefer the latter, let me know!

My video is still a little text heavy and has some background noise (I tried to neutralise it but then it made the audio sound like a disc being scratched, lame) because I’m still learning. You gotta start somewhere, as they say. Who even are ‘they‘?

Anyway, here ya go. Enjoy my face and other bits for 17 minutes. And subscribe if you’re feeling generous on this long weekend*! I’d appreciate it muchly.

*or generous in general if you’re not an Irish reader. Love y’all too.

♥ ♥ ♥