GRANADA, Lockdown Diaries, – Part 1 & 2

You’ll have to speak up, I’m wearing a towel.

Hi y’all! Hope things are going just fine. I have a little more time these days so I’m showing my side of life in quarantine in Granada, sharing my routines…all that jazz.

I posted a video yesterday, part 1, and now part 2.

Maybe it’ll give you something new to tune into, a break from all those streaming services at your fingertips!

Lots more info in my YouTube description box, but a quick side note – I mean no offence to anyone working tirelessly, exhausted on the frontline, or those who are struggling in any way. This is simply my reality, which is similar to some, different to some. Regardless of circumstance, I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and as positive as they can be.

Part 1 – 

Part 2 –


Chat to you tomorrow!