A Timeout From What is, to Show What Was.

How is everyone doing?! Great, fine or even okayish is good!
I’ve had some really nice days this week so far. I LOVE Spring in Granada. It is the best time, so that has helped enormously.
I sometimes find myself thinking too much or feeling a lull or slump (mostly during the weekends) where we would usually go on long walks and enjoy all the sights and sounds of Granada. Luckily those feelings shift pretty quickly or a nice yoga flow frees my mind!

I’m just keeping myself busy really, trying new things, books, yoga flows, breath work, languages, all that jazz. The majority of the time. Other days it’s just me vs. TV. I published a quarantine update part 3 over a week ago but didn’t post it here, I’ll include it below. However, this post and my newest video are about reflecting on February 2020, which feels very recent.
A little timeout from our present reality, and honestly…my current content that’s mostly me inside! This video has so much freedom, colour and things going on! Remember those days?! I really enjoyed it, especially the editing. We really do live in such a beautiful part of the world. (Extra info in the YT description box, FYI!)

I’m also editing 50(!!) minutes (rambler, as we all know and I constantly say in my videos, it has become my catchphrase) and editing takes time, but there will be some quarantine updates soon! Mostly centred around food. Quelle surprise. I’ll split them into 8-10 minute easier to digest videos.

Hope you’re all safe & well and have found your toolkit to get you through this; entertained, nourished, well-rested and healthy. And when you’re low on energy, you’ve got those snacks, blankets and fuzzy PJs on hand. No two days will ever be the same. I try not to overanalyse either.

Take to you soon!

E x

Quarantine Part 3 – Yup. Still in a towel.