Granada Lockdown Diaries – Part 4 & 5



Hi from me again, and my dorky expressions. I sure hope everyone is doing good, wherever you are. And…Happy Friday!
I managed to upload two videos in less than 24 hours. That’s shocking for me. SHOCKING! But I’m so glad I did, and I hope to be up to real-time very soon. These two videos are from around the beginning of April, so a few things have shifted/happened since then.

Granada is beautifully sunny as I type this, but I can see clouds rolling in from a distance. Gonna hotfoot it out after I hit publish for a soul-soothing walk before the rain comes around. Our April weather has been kind of crazy. Sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain. At least it adds some variety to the days, AMIRITE?!

These vlogs are mainly me cooking things and how I’m keeping my self quarentertained, as I like to put it.

Feeling more in the swing of things, I don’t tend to get bored at all now (not bored, per se…I just felt a little lost and cabin-fevery some days, like most) which has been a godsend. Having a varied but solid routine keeps me busy. There’s nothing else to do but to get on with it! I should have been in Bologna and Florence in March, Dublin yesterday, Madrid in a couple of weeks and the Amalfi Coast (sob) in 3ish weeks, but twas’nt to be. They’ll still be there when things progress and the world is safe again. From viruses, anyway.

Have a great weekend and thanks, as always, for reading/watching!

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