Granada Lockdown Diaries – Part 6 & 7

Hello from Granada! Hi from week nine.
Nine weeks officially this Friday. Weirdly, I feel like things have flown. I haven’t taken to quarantine too badly at all, and now that we can get out for a walk (and not feel like a criminal) things are even better.
The park around the Alhambra Palace is so beautiful, I missed the trees, the fountains, statues, the streams, the birds singing…the smell. It smells so good up there. All nature-y and fresh. Having it back in my life has been the greatest joy.

Our current exercise window is 6am to 10am, so we go as early as we can, climbing the steep steps from our neighbourhood. I always turn around at the top to take in the views, it never gets old. The sky also looks clearer than ever! We then loop around the walkway a few times, and on the final loop, we walk home via the city to see some life. It’s so good to see people going about their day. The independent coffee shops are open, so I stop by whichever one I feel like on any given day and take my coffee home to enjoy with breakfast, which I usually prepare in the slowest, most relaxing way. Taking my time over every detail. I love mornings. Don’t you just love mornings?! And any kind of breakfast food.

Sometimes if I’m a little restless, I go out for a walk by the river during our second window for walking, 8pm to 11pm. To have these options has made all the difference.

At the moment, we’re still in Phase 0, but may possibly be moving to Phase 1 next week, which means shops re-opening (once they’re spacious) and some terrace action. I’m not sure how restaurant and bar logistics will work out but I’m sure that’s all a while away yet…and ideas are spinning.

Until then, here are my most recent videos. One I published today and one recently, but didn’t write about…I wanted to make sure I had at least two. Both videos feature a little me, a little Granada, and a lot of food.

Sending love from a distance and typing with sterile hands.

E x


VLOG 27 –

VLOG 28 –