Double Whammy.

(Video thumbnail derp alert)

Well now, how is everyone doing? These are weird times, scary times. It feels like a parallel universe, but I think many of us have had time to digest the ‘new normal’.
I’ve been in lockdown/isolation here in Spain since Friday the 13th, and things have been pretty strict. For the first few days, I panicked. I mean, that’s normal, everyone has their waves. But I’m doing fine now, feeling positive, optimistic! I am of course saddened by the loss of life in so many places. So rapid, so alarming. Especially those in Italy, and everyone working tirelessly to try to diffuse this thing. It’s a heavy subject, and brand new to everyone – the growing cases, the loss of jobs, the uncertainty. A lot of bad has come from this, and will continue to do so for some time, but plenty of good will, and has, come from this too.
I feel sorry for those working tirelessly on the frontline, exhausted, overworked and maintaining distance from their families. The people they want to be surrounded by the most right now. Supermarket workers here in Spain (and everywhere it seems!) have been so kind, so helpful and patient. Aer Lingus are kicking ass as always, which is wonderful to see, as I’ve lost count of the number of flights I’m chasing right now, fingers crossed for a refund – it’s difficult when people are deliberately ignoring you. I’m trying not to let it weigh down on me right now.
Anyway, on to the positive! The first few days I kind of sat and ate my feelings and watched TV. A few days in, I made a very wise decision to limit my news consumption – the loop was too much, and when I cut it out, I felt the benefits immediately. A weight lifted. I read highlights, mostly online. Now, 16 days into isolation, I’ve been far more productive. This is the time to seize the day! However, if you are not feeling up to that, that is 100% okay too. We all navigate this in our own way. There is always beauty in perspective.

What I’ve been up to is editing videos…videos I wasn’t even sure would see the light of day! So that has been nice, and I feel accomplished. So I’m sharing part two of Christmas, short and sweet, as traditions don’t really change (hence being called traditions, duh, Emma!) and a video of my sister and I on our trip to Prague, just before New Years.
Simpler times.
So here’s not one, but two videos. A Double Whammy, as the title implies, now finally making sense. I don’t always think things through. What can I say, it’s the wildcard in me. #lel

Hopefully, these videos will cheer you up. In all honesty, they don’t feel too long ago. And while I’m still grateful I have a job so I have some work keeping me going, I will admit I’ve been enjoying the time to slow down (I feel like the universe has been screaming this at me for a long time) getting used to being at home more (apart from the solo walk for my mental health – NEEDED), doing plenty of yoga, at-home workouts, cooking a lot, cleaning a lot, reading a lot…journaling my days, emotions/mood shifts…watching ALL the streaming services fathomable.

I will admit I miss my Irish home, the warmth it always brings, my family, the space, the green. But it’s best Iñaki and I stay put right now. Neither of us is experiencing symptoms, so fingers crossed, over two weeks in. We are in it together, we have weathered many a storm during almost four years together. Jeebus. That flew.

I hope you’re keeping safe, healthy, and you’re not struggling. I am truly, truly sorry if you have lost a loved one. I am always reachable on my Instagram, @travelstylefood if anyone wants to talk, vent, anything at all. I can be your sounding board! Heck, you can call me whatever the hell you like.

Sending lots of love, light and positivity. This too shall pass. Stay at home, wash your hands, cream yo’ hands. Breathe deep. Feed your sourdough starter (this seems to really be a COVID-19 thing…) TREAT YOSELF. We’ve got this. Hang in there, baby.
BY THE WAY – I did not expect that kitty image to be so GIGANTIC (holy cowbells) but I’ve tried a zillion things and I can’t make it smaller. At least the size gets the message across, eh?



Christmas 2019, Dublin, Part 2 –

Prague 2019 –