The Last of Lockdown (let me explain!)

Oh, hi! Again…it’s been a while. One of my favourite things to type here.
What a wild year, huh?
We were lucky here in Spain for the most part (cases, not so much….relative normality, yes) in that we had the freedom to do a lot of stuff from the end of May right through until the end of October, once we followed the rules. We needed to wear masks (still do, of course) maintain distance, and douse ourselves in hand sanitiser, but other than that things felt relatively normal.

These two videos are a collection of clips from May to October. Then from October 31st to early December, we had a new lockdown. This one wasn’t as strict, but nothing was open (shops, restaurants, bars) and we had curfews, which I personally thought was a fantastic idea – can we all be home by 10pm for bed, please? Forever?

So, while I enjoyed pretty much four months and a real summer here (although August was a sweaty mess of sweltering stinkery) this recent lockdown gave me time to sort through the clips and do something about them. While we’ll all be glad to see the back of 2020, I still want memories to look back on. So here we are.

I recently posted part 1, and hot off the press, part 2. Next up will be Christmas vlogs, my first away from home. I’d like a video memory of that too, even if it was weird not being in Ireland.

There’s a bit more information in the description of each video, did most of my rambly word vomiting there. Yep. After my Christmas and New Year’s vlogs, I want to get back to writing a lot more. I love to edit and make vlogs, but there should be a nice mix. I really miss writing. The most writing I do is in my journal every day, so there’s that…but it’s not the same, obvsies. You also don’t want to be subjected to my inner most secrets and soul spillings, I’d imagine.

I hope you enjoy these videos! Thank you for reading, thank you for watching. Thank you for everything. Happy New Year, you handsome divils. Stay safe, stay cool, stay sexy. Avoid the virus like the plague (oxymoron there, I realise.)