It’s Been a Hot Minute…

…or many hot months. Literally. I just spent August in Granada, in SPAIN in general, of all places! Usually, from mid-July I’m in Ireland working away, come back here for a bit in autumn, and continue winter in Ireland for Christmas and all that jazz. Going back to the heat, boy, was it hot. But we survived it. And I’m as pale as ever. How does that work?

I’m back with a new VLOG, short and sweet in Nerja. One of my very favourite places. Oh, to feel the sea air. T’wud send shivers down your spine. Even if I was all gooey and sweaty, a breeze dried me off ever so often.

This VLOG is a little different quality-wise, although you may have not noticed. Doing my best with what I have at the moment – I had to go for 720p for a quicker upload. If you’ve been to Nerja, miss Nerja, know Nerja well, hopefully, you enjoy! And well, if it’s new to you, maybe you’ll be tempted to add it to the list when all of this madness is over.

Oddly, my life feels very normal. I put my mask on (on autopilot for 6 months now!) use hand sanitiser (it stinks of Jose Cuervo…gag if you’re not 100% blue agave I’m giving you the side-eye…but at least it’s over 70%) wash hands frequently, stay away from other people. Things are pretty loosey-goosey here, but thankfully we are healthy, surviving, and thriving. I know there are still lots of cases in Spain but Malaga has improved greatly, and there are about 70 in Granada. They are pretty dispersed – some cases are in more remote areas, then the suburbs and of course, some in the city. I’m surprised there aren’t more, with all the business as usual buzz. Bars and terrazas are hopping, every single night of the week.
Up north, unfortunately, things still aren’t great but lockdown happens every few weeks in various places to try to control cases.
So I shall sign off, leaving you with the latest. I hope the above didn’t sound insensitive, I know everyone has their own 2020/COVID madness/journey. There have definitely been pros and cons.

Stay safe, stay cute! Have a nice weekend xx