Granada Lockdown Diaries, Part 10 | Making Killer Pesto, Shakshuka and Going on a Flat White Adventure


Things are heating up here in beautiful Granada (literally and figuratively) and it’s a darn fine sight to see.
Just last weekend, we had dinner on a terraza. A REAL-LIFE terraza! Ok…they are inanimate objects after all, but terrazas experience plenty of life. Joy, laughter, beating hearts. And birds, hopping between ankles below, waiting expectantly for falling scraps. That’s better.
What else did I do that was normal? I went shopping. Just for funsies. Just because I could. I browsed all the stores I could enter, with several layers of hand santiser first of course (that big burly security guard isn’t letting you within a foot of those garments without creating a tiny and pure bacteria-free puddle in your paws. He has all the power. And he likes it.) I mean, 80% of these stores were empty, with just the newest stock/collections displayed impeccably in one corner (with hefty discounts, might I add.) I really just went out of pure curiosity and a ramble/meander around. I did pick up some neat new leggings though, since we’re bombing it up that Alhambra hill every day.

Videos are nearly up to current goings-on, so that’s nice.

In this video, y’all see some Granada greenness, experience my pesto recipe (I don’t want to brag, but pesto-wise, it’s kind of a big deal. I make a mean, green, potent pesto) I’m cooking up NYT Cooking’s shashuska (which I’ve made several times since, practically with my eyes closed (although I wouldn’t recommend it) It’s just that easy. AND I had my first takeaway coffee from one of our very lovely specialty coffee shops here in the big GRX. That’s code for Granada and our airport if you ain’t down with the lingo.

Ah, coffee. It was so nice to have someone else make it for me, and have a wee chat with the owners. Since then, I’ve lost count of how many I’ve picked up post morning Alhambra adventure. I try and circulate between the same two or three, support local and all that.

Anyway, without further ado, a new video for you.
Air kisses.