Granada & Madrid XMAS 2019 VLOG Part 1


So…the first day of February! And what better way to get acquainted with this freshie new month than…a CHRISTMAS VLOG! PART 1, NO LESS!

Okay, so there’s literally one Christmas song in this here vidjoe (instrumental of course, because I’m classy) and the rest is just me being a total hyperbolist…along with food (duh) and lots of shots of Granada and Madrid.

I haven’t even reached Dublin yet in this video. Oh my. Could be a three-parter. Three parters ain’t so bad. Everyone knows Return of the Jedi is the best one anyway.

Okay, FINE, as I get older maybe Empire Strikes Back was more appealing, but that’s not the point here. I think.

Although the same can be said for The Two TowersThe Return of the King (Aragorn! Also mentioned in this VLOG, coincidentally enough) made me weep and feel all the feels, but the Two Towers will always be my jam.

Okeeeeey. Totally off topic. Again. Why anyone lets me near a keyboard I’ll never quite know.

1st vlog of the year. Welcome.