Cape Town, Week 1 – South Africa VLOG

Welcome to another vlog! *For those receiving this via WP mail, please click through to see the video*

CONFESSION. I think this is possibly my poorest video to date, but maybe I’m just being hard on myself. I was puffy and stuffy (laughing as I typed that!) so my dialogue wasn’t the clearest and the long-haul then short-haul flight certainly caught up with me.
Normally when I’m chatting while filming, filming isn’t as smooth, as, well…I’m having a conversation so being more expressive. Things can get jutty. As I wasn’t happy with the sound, I lay music over the previously chatty clips. As a result, this video is quite text-heavy, so prepare for some reading.
The first week I didn’t film too much so I didn’t have extra content to see me through such patches…but boy, do I have content for the other 3 weeks. I kind of went nuts.

Anyway, despite being self-critical (who isn’t, eh?!) hopefully this video is entertaining anyway.

Catch you next time for CPT week 2, and I may take a little SA break to share some Portugal to mix things up before I finish the whole series.

The end of 2019 is just around the corner, and the heat is on. I want SA and Portugal on my channel before we hit 2020. Hoping I reach my goal!

This year was all about the challenge of making vlogs, and I learned a lot. It was fun to do something different. In 2020 I plan to have a mix of video and written content. Let’s see how that goes.

Have a great week ahead x