Sandton City – Johannesburg, South Africa VLOG

Finally! I’m starting my SA vlog journey! Exciting.
Work is killing me right now, so doing anything YT related has been totally out of the question. Staring at a screen for 12 hours does not ignite a fire of passion and creativity to spend another four or so editing, you know yourself. Not because of laziness; simply because I genuinely can’t focus, nor can my eyes!

Anyway, the video! I need to speak to the camera more, this is a little text-heavy, I felt less comfortable walking around talking into a phone over there than in Granada. Oddly people would stop and look, lol…like I was doing something important or was someone important, so I felt pretty distracted.

So here we go – 12 mins of Sandton Johannesburg, my flight there, eating things, nice skies…and then we’ll be on to the juicy stuff! By that, I mean Cape Town.

Flying with Emirates was fine –  good entertainment system, Nice big bathrooms, decent food (the triple chocolate cake omg) and I booked extra legroom. However, I wasn’t happy with the caveats for business class, and although the seats were deep and comfy, the elbow rests were the narrowest I have experienced on any airline! How bizarre.

Happy Hump Day and I hope you enjoy! I am swimming through a sea of clips for content right now. (Almost) four weeks in Cape Town (the final video will finish again with a glimpse of JNB) a Dublin vlog (from when we had visitors) a press trip to Portugal, and in three days, I’ll be in Marbella. No doubt I’ll be documenting that.

I hope you’re enjoying these travel vlogs and looking at my face. If you don’t feel the urge to punch it, you should totally subscribe! You know, if you want to.


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