Dublin / Kilkenny Short and Sweet Summer VLOG

Woah, this place is dusty. Far more than I expected.
I had this romantic notion that I’d be pumping out vlogs while in South Africa. Alas, it was merely a pipe dream. I was far busier than expected. Which is a good complaint, of course!
I’m just a little surprised as I had this wee vlog complete (editing wise, anyway) before I even reached Johannesburg. I just had some issue with sound clips and music feeding into iTunes so I put it on the back burner to avoid flinging my laptop at some poor unsuspecting baboon (not that they don’t have it coming) and so here we are, a summer Dublin/Kilkenny vlog finally seeing the light of day.

This is going live as I simultaneously edit my Johannesburg vlog, so I am being somewhat constructive, I swear. *AND* I’m multitasking. I’m editing, while also checking in and re-arranging my suitcase for a press trip to the north of Portugal with my beloved SimplyB team. The previous trip you can find in the dropdown on the homepage under ‘Portugal.’
So it won’t all be heaps of South Africa content. Not that that won’t be fabulous! The coming weeks will be a mixed bag of stuff. Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Dublin (again!) and of course, the aforementioned trip to Portugal.

Hopefully you enjoy this vlog! There isn’t too much dialogue, it’s just me shootin’ the breeze around Dublin and Kilkenny. Showing some lovely parts of our wonderful country. Catch you soon and have a great week ahead!


Emma xx

P.S. if you’re ever into any rough cut travel stuff, check out my highlights on my Instagram stories.

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