Gemporia White Gemstone Jewellery Collection

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Long gone are the days where my jewellery box crawls with tangled pendants and greening rings that make my hands smell like pennies. I have no idea quite when it stopped (it definitely wasn’t a conscious decision) but I have noticed I now tend to gravitate toward minimalist and classic pieces. Definitely more of a focus on quality over quantity.

Well, back in July I featured earrings on my Instagram that fit the bill; they’re simple, classic and of course, high quality. These earrings are gold Ratanakiri Zircon earrings from Gemporia’s White Gemstone Jewellery collection, and I have worn them every day since they arrived! The lovely gang at Gemporia invited me to choose a piece on their website full of delicious stuff, and while it was tough with so much choice, I decided to go for these handsome little sparklers.

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They go with everything – here I am wearing them with two different outfits to prove it! They’re comfortable enough to have in while I sleep and I don’t take them out when I shower; they’re still in excellent condition and nothing has dulled their shine. They also have a crazy exotic name. A mouthful, right? But you feel fancy. Elegant. Fun fact: Zircon is also the oldest gem on earth (4.4 billion years old) so they really are classic!

Aside from an incredible collection of beautiful and stylish jewellery (there are so many beautiful collections; magpies beware!) Gemporia is a very impressive company; their aim is to be original, inspiring and ethical.

Gemporia is a family business that favour authenticity over imitation, sourcing gemstones from around the globe, advocating ethical practices, and aspire to inspire greater hope and purpose for the remotest of gemstone communities.

Check out the various collections here, perfect for a gift for others or just yourself – The White Gemstone collection and Opal collection are my favourites!

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Thank you very much to Gemporia for sharing your sparkle with me!
Gemporia ship worldwide, and you can currently save 40% on their summer collection with the code ‘summer40‘.

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