Six Countries Where the Street Food Rivals Thailand

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Everybody knows just how delicious Thai food is these days, but what about those countries which stand out as legitimate opposition to the title of ‘best street food in the world’? Today we’re going to look at six countries who do at least rival Thailand for their street food – regardless of whether they surpass them or not.


Belgium probably isn’t a name that leaps to your mind when you think about exquisite food from Europe. But while the central European nation struggles to step out the shadows of neighbours France and the Netherlands, it does have one thing going for it – chips.

Brussels, the capital city, is the self-titled home of chips and you can find all sorts of amazing varieties of the delicious potato-based snack all over the nation.
From chips which are coated in hot sauce and chocolate (another delicacy you’ll find everywhere in Belgium), to the archaic ‘chips and mayonnaise’, the Belgians have plenty of street food to match Thailand any day of the week.



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It doesn’t matter what time of day it is in Mexico, you’ll be able to find something on the market stalls which will satisfy even the most insatiable of appetites.

Peckish in the morning? No worries, grab a tamale or a tortas de chilaquiles to stave off the hunger until lunchtime rolls around. At that point you can chow down on anything from chips (admittedly not ones that rival Belgium’s) chicharrones (crispy fried pork skin) or the ever-popular favourite, tacos.
As the day progresses why not tuck into a tlacoyo (cheese and bean pastry) or flautas (deep fried rolled tacos)? If all else fails, you’ll be able to find a hamburger – with the popular American classic having recently crossed over the border.



It’s hardly a surprise in a culture as progressive as Japan’s that they stand out as one of the leading names in delicious street food.

There’s a bevy of amazing dishes available for hungry travellers in practically any Japanese city, from Okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes which are usually filled with bacon) to Watame (cotton candy apples).
Arguably the most popular street food in the nation right now however, are the world famous Ramen noodles. Tonkotsu Ramen stands out as the most prevalent version of the meal, described as an art form and comprising aheady soup filled with porky flavour, mixed with chewy noodles and topped with slices of pork and mushrooms.
Any version of the dish is worth trying, along with the wide array of other delicious treats which can be found lining the many Japanese cities.



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In a country lying directly on continental borders, it’s no great shock Turkey have a fantastic selection of foods catering to a varying range of tastes and styles.

Simit is one such crossover of Asian and European influence, with doughy bread baked and  dipped in molasses. Some people refer to this delicious treat as “Turkey’s answer to the American bagel.”
Other delicacies also help to make the Eurasian nation stand out, with products like Durum (wrapped beef or chicken with cheese), Kumpir (a baked potato topped with a massive variety of sides) and Tavuk Pilav (simple chicken and rice) all serving as further treats for anyone in the country.



Morocco is a little different to the other nations on our list, in that it isn’t the recipes or dishes which help to see it stand out, but rather an individual collective of quality ingredients.
Baskets of fresh olives, fruit and vegetables can be found stockpiled outside a number of Moroccan market stalls, with people able to either do their shopping or simply tuck into the fantastic treats on show.

As well as that, you can purchase a number of hard-to-find spices and if all else fails, why not try cuisine the nation is famous for – the tajin.



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It’s perhaps fitting we finish a list talking about streets foods that rival Thailand, with a nation sharing a lot of similarities with it. Malaysian food is by no means identical to Thai, but without question does have elements of their northern neighbours within. If you’re looking for something sweet, nothing is better than Apam Balik – stuffed pancakes which consist of a filling of creamed corn.

For people with a little more savoury tastes as a preference, Batu Maung Satay (grilled meat on a skewer) or Koay Chiap (duck and noodle soup) stand out as perfect options.

No matter where you travel to in Malaysia, food like this is always readily available and can be found with relative ease on almost any street corner.


So, there you have – six of the nations which rival Thailand when it comes to street food. Why not try out some of these dishes the next time you’re in one of these locations?

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