Totallee – A slick startup that make incredibly thin phone cases

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Based out of South Pasadena, California, Totallee are a startup that make ultra thin iPhone cases for the stylish minimalist. The Totallee team were kind enough to send me one of their cases to try, and I loved it, right off the bat! So much so that I ordered a few more mere days after mine arrived.

Matt, Totallee’s founder suggested I might like ‘the spy‘, a 0.04″ aptly named cover made of soft material that’s durable, with comfortable grip, protects from scratches and bumps and adds no bulk. It’s also crystal clear so you can still showcase your iPhone’s design, which I love because mine is rose gold.


All three iPhone 6S covered in the spy.

Another pro of the spy – I’m inherently clumsy. It’s just the way I am! I’ve dropped my phone many times, and both phone and cover are still perfect. The spy suits a klutz like me, and means I don’t have to resort to protecting my phone in an outsized garish silicone cover shaped like a watermelon or hotdog or whatever. My spy cover looks brand new from daily use, wear and tear so we’re on to a good quality brand here.

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Everyone has their own tastes, of course. So you may want a thicker or thinner case. Totallee have two more cover options; the doberman (0.06″, matte texture, sleek yet rugged) and the scarf, a 0.02″ ultra thin case that feels like no case at all.

I will admit it was more than just the quality and style of the case that sold me. Totallee’s site reflects their product and everything they’re about. Minimalist, stylish, clean and user friendly. Packaging and presentation are excellent quality too.

Cases are $19/€17, shipping within the U.S. is free and $4.99 on international orders.

Check out the Totallee site if you’re looking for a top quality case, you’ll be suitably impressed.



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