Cape Greko, Malahide


Centrally located on New Street, Cape Greko is the Malahide’s first Greek & Cypriot restaurant. Since its opening over a decade ago, I’ve heard only good things. After passing it by so many times over the years (my dentist may or may not be in the area…) I can now finally say I’ve been there! I went on a Sunday, which turns out is a very good day to visit indeed, as the Early Bird menu is available all day. Every other day of the week it’s available until 7pm.


The restaurant is quite small, with modern decor and a great atmosphere. The white walls have delicate etchings of Greek artwork along the top which I really liked. It made me want to etch things into stuff. Which is probably ill-advised. The Early Bird is great value (two courses for €20, three for €23) and has a good selection of dishes. The A La Carte dishes are also well priced and a cocktail menu is available for those who don’t want wine or beer and are feelin’ fancy. Or just like choice!


To start, we had keftedes – pork meatballs.


Dolmades – stuffed vine leaves.


And grilled halloumi. This was my order! I love halloumi, the texture, the taste; it’s addictive. So far so good, the food is simplistic, in a good way, and packed with so much flavour.


On to the main courses – lamb kebabs served on flat bread.  The lamb was a little overdone and as a result the meat was dry. I wouldn’t say this happens often. The restaurant was packed with large groups of rugby fans by the time our main courses came. Apart from that tiny hiccup, presentation and the accompanying sauce were excellent.


Chicken souvlaki (chicken kebabs)


Grilled sea bass with fennel and peppers.


Each course had such wonderful strong flavours and colours without being too heavy and I enjoyed every bite (I had the sea bass, if you’re curious)

All of the dishes on the menu are served with a side salad, chunky chips or garlic sautéed potatoes, so you’ll leave happy and satisfied with life. I had the garlic potatoes because…well, surely I don’t have to explain!


Service, atmosphere and food were all wonderful, and I enjoyed the view of the evening lights and people coming and going below. I plan on returning very soon to try their calamari and prawns in Ouzo sauce.

So if you’re in Malahide, make sure to stop by! I recommend you order the potatoes. Skip them if you’re on a date though…or you’ll Greek of garlic!
I’m sorry, there was no way I could let that one escape.

Click here for Cape Greko’s website
Here for the Early Bird menu, and here for A La Carte.


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