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The Italians are known for choosing high quality produce in their cooking, and UFUDD reflects the cultural right of passage. Created by Cipriano Moneta and Christian Prazzoli, UFUUD is an online store where you can shop for top quality artisan produce with delivery available in nearly 30 countries. Very good news for the holiday magpies – no more confiscation of fancy olive oil at airport security, or fretting that your check in baggage will result in broken glass and slippery shorts. Urrà! (Hooray in Italian. The internet just told me so!)

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I was given the option to test out the website and pick out some true Italian treats*. I went for both cantuccini and cantucci because I’m addicted, green olive paté and a parmesan and truffle sauce. Anything to do with truffles to me = CATNIP. I must have it. I would have had enough to get some grissini too, but unfortunately they were sold out the day I placed my order. I’ll definitely get some next time…they’d be just darling with the paté.

The UFUUD website is easy to navigate and each product has a ‘chef’s advice’ section so you can learn how best to prepare your gourmet Italian treats. Shipping is free on all orders over €95 and everything arrives very well packaged. A lot of love and care goes into a UFUUD order! Prices are very reasonable; the most expensive product in my order was the truffle and parmesan pasta sauce (€8.70) which I would expect using such ingredients.


Incredible pistachio and walnut cantuccini. I had these with my morning coffee a few days in a row, and didn’t share with a single person. Yep…I ate the crumbs too.


The Cantucci “Pop” were my favourite. Crunchy savoury cherry tomato and oregano biscuits with a hint of chilli. If you’re having a gathering and plan on serving some canapés, these are ideal with the green olive paté.


A two second job and you’re done! The olive oil paté is very impressive. Nothing but olives and olive oil. 100% natural.


Last but not least, the parmesan and truffle sauce. I haven’t used it yet, but when I do, I know it’s gonna be gooooood.

UFUUD have an excellent range of high quality meat, cheeses, pasta, rice, sauces, sweets and oils. A small collection of craft beers are also available, as well as syrups and juices. UFUUD sell organic produce and the promotional section has some wonderful discounts which are updated regularly.

For more information, click here to visit the website. Make sure to sign up to the UFUUD newsletter to keep in the loop with new products and promotions!


*Thank you to UFUUD for allowing me to choose complimentary products for consideration. As always, all thoughts and views are my own.

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