The Liquor Rooms, 7 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2


I know the The Liqour Rooms is by no means a new spot. It already has quite an established fanbase since doors first opened up in the basement of The Clarence Hotel just over a year ago. I will admit I was late to the party; my first experience of the burlesque style bar was during the summer of 2014. I’ve been a few times since, and each time I’ve had a very enjoyable night.


My most recent visit was last Thursday night, to celebrate my sister’s birthday. She was suitably impressed by the vintage shabby chic décor; the Mayflower being her favourite room. A charming place with fancy tiles described by The Liquor Rooms themselves as a conservatory with a touch of the outdoors. We sat among the artificial blossoms and ordered our first round of cocktails. Tangy, expertly made and beautifully presented. You’ll have to take my word for it…my camera did not fare well with the lighting in the Mayflower!

tilesScreen Shot 2014-11-23 at 14.52.03

That night the Black Rabbit (a room with a big top ceiling!) seemed to be the most popular. Every table was full, so we followed the buzz and settled there for our next cocktail. The staff were very nice when we made the move, and the new staff we encountered in the Black Rabbit were just as accommodating and pleasant.


Although all the cocktails at The Liquor Rooms are very tempting (prices range from €9.50 – €11) the second round we ordered were incredible! My sister ordered a French Martini which she adored and unfortunately the name of mine escapes me but it will be my regular drink when I stop by (I need to show this picture to the staff!) The smell of fresh rosemary was intoxicating…just as much as the alcohol.

bigtopfrenchmartiniScreen Shot 2014-11-18 at 15.41.41

The Liqour Rooms is a great spot if you want to try somewhere a little different for a cocktail or a bite to eat. As we had just had dinner we didn’t sample any of the food but the menu offers a variety of platters serving up chicken wings, nachos and corn dogs. The staff are very helpful and the place feels very grown up and safe. When we were leaving it was lashing rain, and the lovely doorman held a giant umbrella over us while we sorted our coats and scarves. It’s the little details that make a place memorable and truly pleasant.

Click here for the Liquor Rooms website, food menu and cocktail menu.


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