Brunch at San Lorenzo’s

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Does this image look familiar? It may for some of you, considering the lobster benedict* is an incredibly popular and much talked about dish in Dublin right now. You’ll find it on the #Brunchofchampions menu at San Lorenzo’s on George’s Street. Dubbed an ‘unbeatable brunch’ by The Irish Times, the team at San Lorenzo’s certainly know how to feed the mimosa-swigging-sunglasses-wearing hungover community of Dublin. And of course those who enjoy brunch without having been out the night before imbibing all sorts..before anyone calls me out!

Last Sunday was my second time having brunch here. The first visit I was on a date, hence no review before this…snapping away would just be plain weird. The first experience was good; I felt like the diners at the tables on both sides would be able to hear every word I would say, but I quickly got over my stage fright and the food more than made up for it.

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Fast forward to last Sunday, and I’m back in the minimalist New York industrial style eatery. Being an organised person, I made a reservation for 2.30pm a week in advance, requesting the window seat for my family to celebrate my sister’s 18th birthday. She has never had brunch before and I wanted to introduce her to such a glorious concept. Yes little sis, you can have alcohol and delicious food at this time, free of judgement. Welcome!

We arrived bang on time, and I went inside to let them know we had arrived, leaving my family outside as the queue inside was blocking the entrance. This place is packed on a Sunday! I looked to the window seat and saw that four people were sitting there, just about to order food…at the window seat I had requested specifically for 2.30pm. I was very disappointed, and felt a bit stressed out to be honest. I told a very nice guy (Anthony, I believe!) that I had a reservation and after a few minutes a table was ready for the four of us. It was near the back to the right, in between other diners. This is why I requested the window seat specifically. My Dad is a big guy, and doesn’t fare well in small spaces. Not a great start..but I knew they would enjoy the food.

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We settled in and placed our orders…

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Huevos Rancheros – fried eggs with polenta, spinach, vine tomato and chilli salsa.

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Super nachos – chilli beef, tomato and avocado salsa, cheese, jalapeños, sour cream and of course, tortillas.

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Chicken breast bruschetta – chicken breast, roast red peppers, pesto, goats cheese. Sorry it’s out of focus…mega awkward lean to get this pic!

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And the aforementioned lobster benedict*, which is what I ordered. A lovely dish – chunks of soft lobster, perfectly poached eggs, crunchy asparagus and creamy choron sauce accompanied by delicious freshly cut home fries. Totally worth €19.95, and a serious amount of food. I couldn’t finish it all, so my Dad ate the home fries to accompany his huevos rancheros.

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Everyone really enjoyed the food…it can’t be faulted. The service was good and we didn’t feel rushed in any way.
The music was louder than the last time I was there, and while loud music wouldn’t normally be an issue, we were yelling at each other and finding it difficult to have a conversation. We were there for less than an hour and we rushed through our food to move onto somewhere a bit quieter with more space for coffee and dessert, where my parents would feel more comfortable.
When I told San Lorenzo’s of my experience, they said they look after as many requests as possible, but couldn’t guarantee seating anywhere in the restaurant. Surely reserving the window seat a week in advance to make an 18th birthday special and diners more comfortable was a reasonable request? I would imagine that if we were a party of six or more, requests wouldn’t have been ignored.

Great food and great cocktails all the same.

*The lobster benedict is no longer on the menu due to the season, but new items will be added to the menu this week!

Click here for San Lorenzo’s website, and here for the #brunchofchampions menu.

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