Robert Roberts Coffee Connoisseur Club


I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee each day; 6 to 8 cups give or take. There are also a lot of coffee fanatics in my life, and we all have our favourite instruments. Some favour the cafetiere, others are on team Nespresso, and we’re all fans of the humble Aeropress. We also tend to share the knowledge when it comes to a good spot to get a perfect cup of coffee. Yes, we’re sad…but you get the idea!

Last week I was very kindly sent a bag of Robert Roberts coffee to try from their Coffee Connoisseur Club. The package included a bag of Brazil Pulp coffee and a leaflet outlining tasting notes, preparation and the roast profile. The idea behind the Coffee Connoisseur Club is simple. For €49.99, members will receive eight special coffee deliveries every six weeks from different locations across the world. The love (or habit) of daily coffee consumption never dies, so thats why this gift is perfect for Christmas. Its the gift that keeps on giving! You could also earn extra points for being a great friend/family member by baking some treats to accompany each 6 weekly delivery. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.


Each delivery will also contain coffee knowledge and you will receive a certificate which can be presented as the Christmas gift. You can choose whether you would like to send whole bean or ground coffee, and all coffee is (sustainably) sourced by Robert Roberts Master Coffee Roaster, Garath Scully.


The coffee is hand-roasted just 1 to 2 weeks prior to posting. Expiry isn’t too far in the future (the bag I received says Jan 2015) so you know to use it at its ultimate freshness.


I prepared the Brazil pulp natural using the Aeropress. I followed the recommended brewing instructions, and followed the tip that it’s best served black. Brazil pulp natural had an unusual was smooth, sweet and not too strong or acidic. I’ve never had it previously here in Ireland.

Memberships can be purchased for you or the coffee devotees in your life until December 22nd, 2014.

For more information, visit or call over and I’ll make you a cup!


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