The Larder, 8 Parliament Street, Dublin 2


The Larder is situated on Parliament street, with Wellington Quay on one side and Dublin Castle on the other. This bistro looks warm and inviting; a place of relaxation in such a busy part of Dublin. I couldn’t wait to get inside after dodging the pathways of organised shoppers (it was November 13th!) and crowds dispersing throughout the city from the newly opened Christmas market on Stephen’s Green.

We were seated at the back of the restaurant which is full of lovely details. There were fairy lights, exposed bulbs and red candles flickering in a candelabra in the corner, illuminating the board of specials and a handful of books. I felt instantly comfortable. Never underestimate the power of effective little details and proper lighting to make someone feel welcome!


We had ample time to peruse the menu before a lovely waiter took our order. We asked for a bottle of prosecco to accompany our meal, which was perfectly chilled and served to us promptly with a wine cooler, water for the table and a small bowl of water with a slice of lemon to keep fingers clean (my sister ordered the chicken wings.)


The wings have gotten some great reviews online, and I can see why. The chicken was juicy with a crispy coating. The sauce was tangy and spicy with a consistency and flavour I have only previously experienced in the States. The blue cheese was very mild..which is probably a good thing for some people as I’ve seen plenty wince at a really pungent blue cheese sauce.


I ordered the goats cheese stack. The presentation was lovely and the dish was very light, made with the freshest ingredients. There was a thin layer of goats cheese and polenta, gently seasoned. The smokey flavours from the grilled aubergine were a nice contrast.


After a sufficient break and a set fresh cutlery and napkins from attentive staff, out came our lamb burgers. I know, we ordered the same. Sacrilege! Neither of us wanted anything else once we read about the homemade lamb burger, served with thrice cooked chips.
The burger is served with homemade tomato relish, onion and plum tomato…but you can add  tzatziki, red onion compote and rocket (€1 extra) smoked Gubeen cheese (€1 extra) or crispy pancetta (€1 extra) if you’re feelin’ fancy. I went for the first choice. The burger was smothered in a thick layer of creamy tzatziki that had just the right amount of mint to complement the lamb without overpowering the meat and the chips were ridiculously good. I’ll admit to ditching the burger bun in favour of the chips because the portions are very generous. A no-brainer really. Has anyone ever left thrice cooked chips?!

We didn’t have dessert because frankly we didn’t have the room, which is a shame because they have a great variety. We did however stay to let our food settle and finish our prosecco. The staff never rushed or bothered us. The only tiny drawback was the heat in the restaurant. It was incredibly warm but the window at the back with the fairly lights has two smaller windows that would let some air through the place. I would imagine if we said the heat bothered us they would oblige.


The Larder offers an excellent early bird and nothing is restricted. If you order any of the more expensive dishes, there are supplement charges which is great for a wider yet more affordable choice.

Above is an image taken from our table looking out toward the entrance. The restaurant is very cosy (but diners aren’t crammed together) and the atmosphere is fantastic. It’s the perfect spot for anything really…a family lunch, date or post shopping dinner. The Larder is also a brew house, offering two of their very own craft beers among some other well known favourites.


The Larder also offer brunch and a Christmas lunch menu.
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The Larder
8 Parliament Street
Dublin 2

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