Afternoon Tea at The Morrison Hotel


Afternoon tea reviews appear from time to time around these parts, as I’ve set myself a little goal to try as many variations of the classic ritual as I can; while quietly deciding on my favourite. This isn’t the first time I’ve written this and it certainly won’t be the last; there really is no better way to wile away an afternoon. If you think about it, you’re essentially sitting in a plush lounge, in good company for as long as you like. You’re waited on, and stuff yourself with delicious things and drink fancy drinks at your leisure, acting like the queen or king of everything.

So my sister and I decided to do just that at The Morrison Hotel. Located on Ormond Quay, the hotel is easy to find, located close to the Millennium Bridge and Millennium Walkway. Afternoon tea is served in the hotel’s new restaurant, The Morrison Grill. The decor is stylish and modern, so the afternoon tea experience is a little more contemporary compared to a classic and more familiar lounge setting; but the atmosphere is still there and the area is bright and pleasant.

exterior overlookingthecityoutsidethemorrison

The dining area, and our view. Plenty of groups were enjoying afternoon tea..the grill is sizeable so we were all spaced out with plenty of room to relax and chat away.


When we arrived, we were shown to our table and offered a glass of prosecco, presented with a strawberry which was a nice touch. I have to hand it to the staff, they were all incredibly friendly and I have never been handed a glass of prosecco filled to the brim before.


On a completely irrelevant note, I changed my hair! I’m still getting used to it..I think bright copper requires adjustment.


Soon after we settled down, out came the goodies. They looked so beautiful, I nearly shed a tier.


The sandwiches were fantastic. I know the humble sandwich is a simple and straightforward food, but the folk over at The Morrison put their own little stamp on things.

The chicken breast and horseradish cream sandwich had a lovely smoked taste.


The smoked salmon was served with lemon butter.


The cucumber and cream cheese sandwich was lifted with a smattering of chives.


and the egg mayonnaise with watercress and shallots was cool, creamy and incredibly fresh.


Cute little plate!


We both had cappuccinos as we don’t drink tea. The cappuccino wasn’t as strong as I would have liked but my sister loved it. I suppose if I wanted something stronger I should have went for an americano!


The second tier was pure heaven. It was chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. This is the first afternoon tea I have experienced where one whole tier was dedicated to the cause. All ladies everywhere will rejoice when they see this tier. It was a work of art.


A fudgy brownie and cute little dark chocolate bar


A sort of chocolate cake mousse biscuit thing, which was rich and decadent. It stole my heart. A white chocolate tartlet beautifully present with a grape, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry for colour.

Death by chocolate.

We were beaten by tier two, so we took a long and leisurely break before the third and final tier. This provided the perfect opportunity to sit back and take in our surroundings.


 The third tier was home to freshly baked warm golden scones, a very light panna cotta and delicious almond biscotti. After all the soft sandwiches and cakes, I welcomed the crunch. To accompany the scones were fresh whipped cream, strawberry jam, and butter that was soft enough to spread. It’s the little things.


We felt triumphant, as we managed to clear all three tiers – so awarded our success with another glass of prosecco. Two glasses never hurt.

We then had a nosey around the reception and the Halo room before waddling around in the gorgeous city sunshine.


I was seriously impressed with the afternoon tea experience at the Morrison Hotel. All of the food was excellent and of the highest quality. There was nothing there I didn’t like, and we left nothing behind. The setting was bright and spacious…we were extremely comfortable during the two or so hours we were there. The staff are very helpful and attentive, without being invasive. All in all, I am looking forward to my return – and have since rebooked for mid July.

I purchased the Morrison Hotel afternoon tea through a deal on GrabOne (€32 for two) which is unavailable at the moment. However, regular pricing is €25 per person and includes a glass of prosecco. Any additional glasses purchased are €9.50 each.

Morrison Hotel Dublin Website

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