Valencia, Day 2



It seems like good old time himself decided to buy some roller skates exclusively for 2013 because he’s slapped those wheels on and he’s whizzing on by! If you’re wincing, I’m sorry…but these are the kind of things I say in real life. #sorryimnotsorry etc., etc.

Anyway, my point is I’ve been pretty slow about these posts from our Barcelona/Salou/Valencia/Murcia trip back in July but it honestly doesn’t feel like three months has passed since then. I also wouldn’t normally backtrack this much or make too much of a habit of it but Valencia is a gorgeous city with lots to see, which I thought I’d share.
The pictures below were taken around the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and afterward along the beach. The coast is a lot more touristy as expected, with bright lights, tacky souvenirs and seafront cookie cutter restaurants. We had some paella looking out at the sea and followed our meal at one of the seafront bars. Sadly I can’t remember the name of it but they make a great Campari cocktail and Moscow Mule! Perhaps posting this now will inspire some city break ideas before the year is out?


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