Top Dessert Destinations in London

The weekend went a little too fast for my liking. Perhaps many of us are feeling a little like that today? A couple of colossal coffees and I’m still not at the level of lucidity I need for a highly productive Monday, sooooo…let’s kick-start things with something sweet!
Desserts make everything better, especially when you find the Holy Grail of sweet treats. These are the kinds of places where you proceed to take your family/friends/colleagues/dates at every opportunity and when you’re in there you just know that everything’s going to be OK. Your brain can’t process any thoughts apart from images of tiny kittens and candyfloss.

Today, I have a guest! This post was written by Ed Kim, a talented travel writer based in Boston, USA. Ed has some excellent recommendations on the top dessert destinations in London to suit all tastes that he shares below. Enjoy!


 Top Dessert Destinations in London


If you find yourself in London, and you’re anything like me, you’ll spend many of your wandering hours in search of something yummy.

While I don’t always base my travel destinations on the food or desserts that I’ll be able to indulge in while there, history has shown that upon my arrival to a new place, I’ll start scouring the city for deliciousness. Well, almost immediately, and definitely before settling into wherever I am going to stay. Eating desserts is my way of settling into a place, I guess.

London was no exception for me, and luckily, the city is easy enough to navigate with a mass transit system (the tube, for those of you who haven’t been). This maximized the distance I was able to go for my dessert excursions, and made each outing a little adventure in itself.

For those of you that might want to do a little dessert tour of your own, I have weeded out the culinary riff raff to give you the top five dessert stops in London (in my own humble, perhaps well-seasoned opinion). Without further ado, here they are, in no particular order:

1. Pollen Street Social Dessert Bar

Located by Hanover Square, this dessert bar is cozy (only seating up to six), but full of some of the most amazing desserts in London. I recommend the goat’s milk rice pudding, served alongside goat’s milk ice cream, quince, pineapple, and honeycomb. This was my first experience with honeycomb, and it was quite the adventure, I’ll tell you what. Everything is prepared to order, so you can sip your bevvy and cozy on up to your fellow dessert-goers while you watch them assemble the treat

2.William Curley’s Chocolate Boutique

Plan an outing for a Saturday or Sunday; they’ll be closed otherwise. But, as a chocolate aficionado, I promise the hot chocolate alone is to die for. The dessert bar will charge you a strong £30, but that is a small price to pay for the five-course dessert feast you’ll indulge in.

 3. Yauatcha

You must, must be served a plate of the mango mousse petits gateaux before you die. And the lavender honey macaroons. And, of course, you must have the Yuzu brulee tart before you leave. Yauatcha is swanky, and elegant, and the modern interpretation of an old Chinese teahouse complete with cocktails and a tea selection of 60+.

 4. Gelupo

Second to my love for dessert is my love for coffee. This place has the perfect combination of both. They have the best affogato (espresso topped with gelato) in town, with nearly unlimited flavors of gelato. I always have two before I leave because I can’t control myself.

5. Lawn Bistro

This place is home to the Baked Alaska—a dessert they light on fire. Somehow, the ice cream center doesn’t melt, despite its being set aflame. It is dessert and a show.

 Ed Kim is a freelance writer for He lives in Boston with his wife and two young daughters. He can’t wait to show them the world and the desserts it has to offer.


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