Marbella Day One, October Sun


A few weeks ago, I had the urge to get away. I felt that since I came home in August that I had a lot of personal matters I needed to address so I did the not-so-sensible thing that people say you shouldn’t do – I ran away! Oh well, I just wanted to buy myself some time…and I know I’m not the only one who’s done this! I’m also very thankful and very fortunate to be in a position where I can leave work without much notice and also to have timeshare as a family here in Marbella, so I had a gorgeous apartment to get away to at Alanda Club Marbella. I’ve been coming to this resort since I was seven years old – I know everything in the area and I consider it my home away from home, so booked a flight for my Mam and I to enjoy the last of the sun while we had the chance. The weather forecast promised 27-32 degrees and it didn’t disappoint.


We flew from Dublin Airport on the 7am flight on Saturday morning and arrived at the resort in the afternoon, due to some trouble with our rental car. I’ll write more on this later but I would recommend you avoid Hertz at all costs. We received a dodgy rental car that smoked with a burnt out gearbox. The car couldn’t change gears on the motorway which was dangerous enough, with angry drivers beeping as to why we were going so slow. The car eventually cut out on a hill and was completely broken down after that. So many wonderful and helpful locals helped us push it to the next roundabout where it was towed away without apology and the costs of taxis won’t be reimbursed, not to mention we were left without a car until Monday this week. Rant over, for now!


After settling in to our apartment and unpacking, we went for dinner across the road in Elviria, a quaint little community of restaurants, bars and shops which only came about a few years ago. There’s so much to do there, we would have been lost without it with no car for the weekend. We went to the Italian restaurant, Restaurante Pinzimonio for a well deserved meal after our crazy day, which we visited and liked in the past.


I started with the ox carpaccio. Thin slices of delicious meat dressed in pesto, olive oil and parmesan. I couldn’t fault it!


Mam had the scrambled eggs with vegetables and fish, dressed with caviar. This dish was addictive – I kept stealing forkfuls but she didn’t mind, thankfully.


Although the above dish doesn’t look like much, it’s my favourite at the restaurant and I can’t bring myself to order something different. The dish is king prawns, wrapped in sole and covered in mushrooms and a champagne sauce. Mam had the steak (which I forgot to photograph!) and after a long chat, a couple of Baileys and some chilled caramel vodka the waiter couldn’t wait for us to try, we retreated back to the clubhouse of the resort for a nightcap, shattered after our long and busy day.



I’m so happy to be here, to enjoy the weather and clear my head. I hope there’s a little sunshine left, wherever you are too.


♥ ♥ ♥