Meeting Prince Harry


Don’t get too excited, it’s not that Harry I’m talking about. This little guy is far more special, yet he knows exactly how to pose like a member of the royal family, ambushed by the paparazzi. Little five month old Harry here drops everything he’s doing when a camera emerges to give his best face.



Harry even has a Sophie the Giraffe, a very on trend and popular baby toy these days! I didn’t know this until Laura told me and now I’m seeing this squidgy giraffe everywhere. Anyway, playful little Harry came to visit with his gorgeous Mam Laura, a very good friend of mine from college for lunch last week. I haven’t seen Laura in so long, she had a tough year with a lot going on and now she’s just as happy, positive, looks great and has a new best pal in little Harry. Harry falls for all the usual baby games that make him giggle and snot and he loves to headbutt and all those other funny things that babies do.



We had all kinds of food for lunch – salad, soft boiled eggs, tuna, ham, farmhouse brown bread….followed by pastries from Lidl’s bakery, a few cups of coffee for me and a pot of tea for Laura and my Mam. My Mam held Harry the most, fussing over him and loving every minute. As a midwife in her early nursing years, she admits that she’s still a baby freak. Harry had his bottle and ate creamed sweet potato (so pastries or bread for this little guy yet) before settling down for a nap.


I’m so proud of them both! Harry is such a sweet little guy and Laura is a great Mam. She had him in teeny tiny converse for heaven’s sake!
I’m surrounded by babies lately…I guess I’m just at the baby/engagement/wedding age. As much as I’m excited about the babies and engagements of close friends, I’m perfectly happy to lie back and watch the action for now!

♥ ♥ ♥