Mono Village


A New Year and a fresh start is great. Buying fresh new beautiful stationery to plan and document your promising year a head is even better. Every year Paperchase is top of my list for my notepad needs; it’s a paper haven of wall to wall goodies that has the ability to lift even the grumpiest of moods. Think really grumpy Father-on-a-shopping-trip holding bags, until he sees this.

Usually opting for some variation of a bird/cupcake/cat/teacup/flower notebook with a ribbon page marker (I can confidently say Paperchase always carries such a hybrid) it was starting to form as tradition. However, on a trip to Awear on Wednesday, I saw this Mono Village beauty, that changed my view on stationery FOREVER. A little dramatic, but true. By the till on a little stand sat a little bounty of stationery and iPhone cases. The cases were garish and gaudy, so lets forget those. But this notebook…(see for yourselves below in the images) is just beautiful. It’s well made, the paper is thick so no ink shadows can be seen, it’s filled with different layouts for note-taking and it’s filled with watercolour images and each page is different. I had to share it because it’s very original, very cheap (€6!) and the covers come in a variation of colours – Mustard, tan and royal blue. I went for the mustard, in my latest efforts to stop my habit of buying all things dark.






Isn’t it a dream?

These notebooks would make a great gift for you or a friend, or even family member, the design and construction is timeless. There are plenty in stock in both Awear Swords and Awear on Henry Street. I would love to get my hands on more, but can’t find them online anywhere, not even Awear’s own website.

If anyone knows if Mono Village can be ordered online or in another store, please let me know, I would be very grateful.

♥ ♥ ♥