The Last of the Festive Fancies


I’m going to go out on a limb here and make the assumption that most people went out with a festive bang yesterday. For my Mam’s Birthday, fourteen people came to celebrate for the final eat, drink and be festive feast before it’s back to work, school and general routines. It was a very enjoyable day, with wine and conversation flowing, and a great way to say goodbye to Christmas for another year.

Although today I vowed to eat clean and give my immune system a boost, today consisted of porridge and leftover Lindt balls (I’m sure there’s a nicer name for them!) for breakfast and leftover chicken curry from the Chinese takeaway for dinner. It was certainly an improvement in terms of food volume, but I’ll try a little better tomorrow. Or the next day!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, bring on all 2013 has to offer!







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