A quick trip to the City


Last weekend I was really feeling the effects of cabin fever. Although I’m getting the help I need for my skin as of today, which I’m over the moon about (whatever it was, it was fighting some of the strongest antibiotics and steroids in production!) it does look pretty bad. But I needed to get out, even just for an hour or two, to retain my sanity. There is a life outside pajamas!

I ventured into town with the ladies of my house, my Mam and sister. Mam kindly drove (incredibly nervously) into town, as she figured I’d only have the energy for a couple of hours. She doesn’t like city driving, and I must admit I made lots of unnecessary comments about how slow the journey was, but when you spent two years of your life driving through the city everyday for college, it doesn’t take long until you discover all the valuable shortcuts that cut significant time and effort.

We had fairly simple goals that morning; I was on the hunt for a new handbag, Mam simply fancied a nose around and lunch, and my little sister the TV series and video game fanatic counted herself in for a trip to a comic book store and a free meal.

Although it was quite cold, it was a beautiful day so I took a couple of pictures during the short time we were there. Although I love living in Salamanca for it’s beauty, cheap prices and location (it’s a great base for travelling all around Spain on road trips) I have always adored Dublin city. For it’s pubs, friendly dwellers, burritos, sushi, cafes, concert/gig venues, layout…just everything really. I also love that you can eat where you like, when you like. This is a reoccurring issue for me in Spain. They are pretty traditional with their serving times.

If you haven’t been to Dublin – although quite expensive, it’s worth the trip, I promise!

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Forbidden Planet, 6 Crampton Quay, Dublin 2

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Trinity College, Dublin 220130104_130550 20130104_130554 20130104_130653 20130104_130742 20130104_130806

Avoca, 13 Suffolk St., Dublin 2. Avoca is a treasure chest of knick knacks and beautiful things. It also has a cafe and restaurant, which serves incredible food. At the moment they’re selling beautifully crafted editions of Charles Dickens stories and Alice in Wonderland, for only 31.25 in their sale.


Ladurée Macaroons at Brown Thomas, Grafton Street, Dublin 2.

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Before heading home after our ramble, we decided to indulge in some lunch at Metro Cafe (43 South William Street, Dublin 2) one of my favourite cafes in Dublin. It’s got a lovely menu, delicious breakfast treats, inventive sandwiches, tasty salads, interesting specials and incredible desserts. They also do wine and antipasti, a great place to stop by with friends. The staff are incredibly friendly, as is the manager. No matter how busy, they will always find a table for you. You can sit outside or inside, and it’s an incredibly comfortable atmosphere. You never feel rushed. It’s a truly relaxing place. My sister and I had a grilled chicken ciabatta with delicious basil mayo, sun-dried tomatoes and rocket. I usually have the same things on the menu, so I went for this sandwich today and was not disappointed! My Mam had the cajun chicken Caesar salad. Again. (She never changes her order!)

Time to wash it down with a double espresso. It’s hard to find consistently good coffee in the City, but you’ll find it here. My sister had the Death by Chocolate to finish. This cake…is the best. I’ve tried a lot of chocolate desserts in many different places and I can confidently say that this is the best chocolate cake I have ever had in my life! 100% pure fact. You are given the perfect amount, the cake is slightly warmed, soft and brownie like but not too heavy and in no way dry. It is perfect. The best part about eating it? You can move afterward! So you won’t feel full and uncomfortable if you’re up for more shopping, refuelled and recharged.

People of all ages love this place – it’s incredibly chill, so bring whomever. They will love it, and so will you!


During our visit, I didn’t find a handbag. I wanted a patent black bag and didn’t see any to my liking. Alas, some other time! So I picked up some macaroons instead, naturally.  2 vanilla, 2 chocolate, 1 coffee, 1 pistachio, 1 coconut, 1 salted caramel. They’re really cheering me up while I’m not feeling so hot. To finish off my day, I gathered the left over cream from various Christmas feasts, melted some leftover chocolate and marshmallows and made chocolate mousse. A very therapeutic and relaxing day.

You can find the mousse recipe here.

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Do you live in a city or near one? What are some of your favourite places to visit?

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