Christmas 2020, Part 2 – Adventures in VLOG Segments ✨

Hello, hello! Hi, hi!
Welcome back for part 2. Originally this was published on YouTube two evenings ago (for my VIP subscribers hey-yo!…just kidding. You’re are VIPs in my heart) but I’ve only had a hot minute to get the blog post part up now, and maybe I’ll go wild and put it on Instagram too. I know. Out. Of. Control.

In part 2 you can expect more food (though we did restaurant repeat) some shiny new purchases, general goings-on around town…oh, and I ended up segway-ing into skincare a little bit. It was completely unintentional and I didn’t really go through a proper sensitive skin routine of everything I use; what, when, and how, I just featured random products that bring me joy. Or should I say, spark joy?! Skincare-wise, I’ll definitely do a vlog in a more concise and clear fashion in the near future. I get the odd question through Instagram DMs on skincare, coffee machines, and other random bits so I figured little vlogs here and there would be nice. I do respond to DMs right away, but if I’ve been something a couple of times, making a video could help others.
Ugh. There I go. Segway-ing again. Focus, Emma. Focus.
The video is also a little chatty at the end explaining our festive rules – bars, restaurants, curfews which have been working quite well here, I don’t mind them one bit!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy part 2. I’ve edited about 10 minutes of part 3. I woke up at 4.05am this morning and just rolled went it. So much so that when I went to a cafe to work around 11am, I couldn’t believe the bars were so quiet for today’s extremely popular holiday. Then realised it was only 11am. 4am starts are some kind of sorcery. Time is an illusion but it’s even more illusion-y when you wake at that hour. You get me? Yeah. I know, segway. Ramble. Off-topic.

So…2021 (apart from no travel yet, not seeing my family, etc. etc.) has been treating me right. I feel centred, focused, grateful, aligned. All the sensational stuff.

I hope your first six days have been pretty good, and you’re in a good space.

Felices Reyes Magos! If you celebrate it. I do not. Those darn Spanish, pretty much off until Monday. Longest Christmas ever. I don’t know how they do it! Party animals.