Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek -South Africa VLOG

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Hi. New VLOG. Wine! That’s pretty much all I have to say.

Just kidding!

Looking back on 2019, all I’ve published here are vlogs…but I’m happy with that; I find editing very therapeutic. Time-consuming, yes (although I’ve gotten so much faster) but therapeutic! And I wanted to teach myself something new because that’s always fun. You know what else is therapeutic? Photo diary posts. Well, digital photo diaries. I have so many Vienna pics, I think perhaps it’s time I featured one of those.

This little video features a few wine estates (hotel & spa too, in 3 cases- South Africa knows how to do quality) we visited this year. Not all in the one day – but close enough! There are so many wineries in the Western Cape…it would make your head spin. I hope you enjoy a glimpse of these five (not to be confused with the other Big Five!) I also listed a couple more wineries in the YouTube description box that we visited in 2018 for more winespiration! Snort.

More Cape Town footage to come; the end of week 3 and week 4, which are more activity packed – game drive, boat ride, penguins, all that kind of fun stuff.

But for the next couple of weeks, South Africa content is going on the backburner, just to mix it up a little. My next video will feature a FAM tour of Northern Portugal, and considering it’s nearly Christmas, I think it’s now or never for Vienna!

Then I’ll be back to covering the Cape. And then maybe I’ll come full circle with a Christmas vlog again, where it all began. Yikes, time is getting away.

Have a great last November week!

Emma x