The Week in Links

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THURSDAYS are so exciting, I just love them. Little Friday Junior, getting ready for the weekend! Thursdays have a Friday feel about them anyway; I think most people go out for a few drinks or dare I say a meal to set the tone. You only live once and all that…so shake your tailfeather! Yeah, I actually just typed that. Thursday fever’s got me.
This week was particularly fast (as was last week…February is rocketing along!) probably the fastest-feeling weeks so far in 2017 for me.

Each week I have my to-do list (which seems to never end as I’m always adding new to-dos) routines and habits. Coffee shops I frequent, groceries I like to buy and blogs I like to read. I read Bloglovin’ like a newspaper, and have for years – I can’t imagine morning coffee without it! I save links and posts all the time and I’m always referring back to them, whether it’s a post on helpful advice, recipes, a product I’m interested in or new workouts to try. This week had a lot of interesting posts and I saved more than a few. I’m sharing some of them here, to spread the love!

You may find them helpful, or they might just serve as reading material to accompany your weekend morning coffee, which no doubt was made slowly, sleepily, and with extra care. It’s the little things (and the little links.)


1. If you’re learning a language, here are some websites that will take you to the next level. – Life Hack

2. This 99c app (aptly named Time) allows you to allocate time to the tasks on your to-do list, to increase productivity – Chapter Friday
3. A fantastic 10 minute Victoria’s Secret workout by trainer Andrea Orbeck. This is old, but it’s making the rounds again on blogs recently. Really effective and more importantly, short! – Popsugar


4. The image above I’ve come across on several blogs this week. It’s such a beautiful image; mesmerising, in fact. It turns out it’s Madewell. This is shot of one of the pieces from their new lingerie line, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Simple, delicate and elegant. – The Neo Trend
5. The Kensington Hotel’s Beauty & The Beast Tale as Old as Time afternoon tea looks just perfect.  Maybe their sister hotel (The Westbury Dublin) can follow suit and I can just go next time I’m home? – Town House at Kensington
6. An insanely attractive looking shrimp and corn chowder recipe, which I will be trying out in the not too distant future.  Not only are there prawns, but potatoes and bacon too. What more could you need? – The Kitchn

 Have the finest weekend.

E x

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