Recent buys

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Top left, clockwise: 1. Parfois handbag, 2. Stradivarius pencils, 3. Zara miniaudière 4. Frida Kahlo plaque, 5. Stradivarius hand cream, 6. Tiger pencil sharpener, 7. Cosmopolitan España February 2017

…that aren’t clothing. For the first time in a long time. Yaaaas.
Ok, I’m trying not to get too overexcited here, we’re only a month and a half into 2017. I still don’t know how well I can trust myself yet.

This year, I wanted to try something new on for size (again, not clothes) and be a bit more minimal with stuff. There’s that, and the fact that I simply couldn’t stand the guilt anymore. Clothing is definitely something I’m not short of. In any department. Well, come to mention it, maybe socks? I’m pretty sure I could use more socks.

Anyway, I wanted to cut some corners in my spending, so clothes got the cull. A no-brainer, really. Perish the thought that my expenditure on food and drink would be reduced or toyed with in any way. A laughable concept, and easily the quickest and most painful way to zap someone’s joy.

Just because I haven’t bought any new attire doesn’t make me a total ascetic. I’ve spent my money on other little bits and pieces (food not included) that have brought me great joy. I enjoy each and every one. They make my life nice.


1. Parfois Birds Cross Bag – While it turns out I have a lot of clothes, I have fewer bags than I previously thought. This is my new heartthrob. I’ve fallen at the first hurdle because I didn’t actually buy this, my Mother did. My first gift of 2017! It has loads of great compartments, things are easily found, and I dig the strap. It’s the perfect size, shape and it’s very durable. A steal at €24.99.
2. Stradivarius Pencil Set – I had no idea Stradivarius did homeware and stationery stuff! And it’s good stuff at that. I had zero pencils in my apartment until I found these little guys for just €2.99.
3. Zara Miniaudière – I bought this irresistible little Zara clutch (or bag when you take out the sleek gold strap) for affairs when I need less stuff, which is quite often in Granada. Especially going on an evening of tapas trailing. I only really need my phone, cash and keys. All of which fit, with plenty of room to spare. Two new 2017 bags! For different purposes, of course, so totally essential. This was €29.95.


4. Frida Kahlo handmade wooden plaque – Truth be told, this wasn’t a 2017 buy. I wanted to mention it as I was reminded of it only last week when I passed the stall I bought it from late last year. They do all kinds of beautiful prints on pieces of wood. The stall is part of the Zoco del Salon (one of Granada’s many markets) that takes place on the first Saturday of each month. The next one is March 4th. If you’re in Granada check it out – the walkway is lined with stalls full of handmade treasures and treats. This plaque was €10 and it really brightens up my shelves.
5. Stradivarius Essence Hand Cream – I bought this for the packaging. I mean, look at it! It’s so simple and sleek and minimal. Like something from & Other Stories. I’m terrible for using hand cream so at least I’ve started now. Despite the promise of a pomegranate scent, it smells like Davidoff Cool Water.  A pretty sizeable tube, for €3.95. A little goes a long way.
6. Vintage camera pencil sharpener – Pencils need to be sharpened. An important detail that slipped my mind. I bought this little guy recently in Tiger for €4. I like proper pencil sharpeners that do the job nice and clean and have little teeth to hold the pencil while you turn the handle. It looks like a mini Ikoflex and just like Queen Frida, it looks good on my shelf. A double duty product.
7. Cosmopolitan Spain – Probably a bit of a random inclusion and not relevant to everyone, but these kinds of magazines are a good help when you’re learning another language and want to keep things ticking along. They’re easy to read, easier to digest and they keep your brain familiar with words and grammar. I buy handbag sizes and read a few pages if I stop for a coffee, and learn a new word or phrase sometimes too. Pretty good for only €1.95. In fact, I just finished this one and I’m on to a fresh new €1 Marie Claire.


So there you have it, things I’ve found very a la mode, without referring to a single garment. Have you tried cutting something out of your usual spending habits or at least cut-down? I definitely feel like it has reworked my thoughts on buy clothing, and feel like I should only considering buying pieces I really and truly love.

In the spirit of buying things that bring joy (minus the thing you’re trying to cull) today is a pretty good day for it! Happy Valentine’s (and Galentine’s) Day…treat yo’ self. Not that you need a Hallmark holiday as an excuse, you independent go-getting vixen, you.

♥ ♥ ♥