Beach Bum or Adrenaline Junkie? A Guide To Finding The Perfect Luxury Holiday

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In our dreary, drizzly autumn, there’s no better time to start thinking about your next summer getaway to give you something to look forward to. If you really want to treat yourself or have a special birthday or anniversary coming up, a luxury holiday is the perfect extravagance. Wexas are specialists in tailor-made holidays and luxury travel and can help you to build your perfect getaway, matching your interests, and negotiating deals on truly fabulous accommodation – so you can get on with enjoying your holiday. Find out what kind of holiday you’re looking for and start wanderlusting.

Booking Your Beach Getaway

If you’re looking for a swift escape from the stress of everyday life, a beach getaway is your best bet for some R&R. Once you’ve checked into your luxury hotel, you can grab a book and a bikini and head out for a lie down beneath the warm sunshine – and probably book in a spa treatment during your stay too. 

When considering destinations, look for places with plenty of sun – though not too hot to be uncomfortable, long tranquil beaches, plenty of self-care and pampering (Dubai is out of this world for spoiling yourself with a luxurious spa treatment), and easily accessible cocktail bars. Ideal destinations for beachgoers close to home include the Western Med – southern France, Italy and Sicily (especially for a refreshing glass of wine later on), Greece, and Turkey, which all have the comforts of familiar yet delightfully flavourful food. A little further afield, any of the larger islands of the Caribbean come close to paradise on Earth. Bermuda and St. Kitt’s are ideal for a little peace and quiet, and offer some lovely grassy walks among ruins of colonial architecture; while Trinidad and Tobago, Barbuda, and Cuba are more lively, with rich carnival and dancing cultures.

Choosing Your Adventure

Do you enjoy being active? You’ll want an adventure holiday, full of swashbuckling sightseeing. If you have trouble sitting still for long, you’ll want to book tours and scope out the best sights to get your heart racing, before making your way back to your comfy bed.

Generally, adventure holidays tend to be set in the southern hemisphere – fortunately, there’s plenty of destinations to choose from all over Asia, Africa, and Australasia. For humid climates, incredible food (putting your local takeaway to shame), and plenty of choice, head to Thailand, where you can travel northwards from scuba diving off sandy beaches to trekking, caving, and climbing through rainforests towards the golden triangle at which Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar meet; head west to Cambodia and enjoy wandering among ancient relics; explore the turbulent histories and learn to motorcycle in Vietnam.

Note: This is a collaborative piece.

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