A few things to think about when planning your first skiing trip

skiing-71473_640Image: Pixabay.com/Flyupmike

Dreaming of blazing through the powder white slopes, snuggling up with a warm hot chocolate by the log cabin and après ski partying? Planning a thrill seeking skiing holiday is so exciting but there are a few things to bear in mind before you slip into those salopettes.

Can you ski?

If you’re planning and going on your first skiing trip getting some experience beforehand is essential. Although there are lessons for beginners at skiing resorts, it’s a good idea to head to a dry ski slope before you jet off to get a feel for it and build up some confidence. You’re guaranteed to fall down a lot so looking for a resort for novices with more gentle runs is a good idea, try Iglu.com. And always enrol in the beginners ski school group rather than take advice from friends as you’ll meet others and not slow down other skiers who may lose patience with you on the big runs. 

Don’t buy your own ski wear 

When you picture yourself on the slopes you’re looking super chic in all your snazzy new gear. Buying new ski wear can be hugely expensive and for the amount of time you’re likely to be spending on the floor, not worth it. Especially as a lot of people decide skiing holidays aren’t for them, so you don’t want to be stuck with an expensive outfit. Ensure you have all the essentials though so buy your own thermals and ski socks then borrow the trousers, jacket, goggles and fleece. Don’t forget a ski helmet

Travel insurance 

Not to be pessimistic but travel insurance is a skiing essential. If you take chances on the slopes it can be extortionate. Helicopter mountain rescue comes at about £20/€27 a minute so assuming that your travel insurance that comes with a bank account or annual insurance will cover you is a no-no. Make sure you have specific winter sports insurance and are covered for all the relevant activities.

Don’t buy an expensive ski pass

If you’re a beginner don’t go buying an expensive ski pass before you arrive. As a learner in ski school you might not need an all areas ski lift pass as you’ll probably not make it to some of the runs. Before you splash out check with your instructor exactly what you’ll need. 

Note: This is a collaborative piece.

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