Visiting the Dublin Fashion Festival

fashion festival

Sometimes, you don’t have to travel far to have a unique experience, because an adventure could be hiding right in your backyard.

If you live near the capital and are a fan a fashion, you’re in for an exciting week. From the 7th-13th of September, the city will host the annual Dublin Fashion Festival. According to, this annual celebration highlights some of the hottest names in the business. Throughout the week, over 250 fashion designers, retailers, restaurants, bars, and hotels will come together for a one of a kind event that festival chairs hope will “put the fun and theatre back into shopping and socialising in the city.”

The festival is funded by an entity of the Dublin City Business Improvement, an organisation that strives to create a “welcoming and economically vibrant” environment in the city. There will be tents and stores open for shopping, as well as fashion shows taking place around the clock. Patrons will get a glimpse at casual vintage looks, elegant evening attire, and everything in between.

As with any major fashion event, you can probably expect a celebrity sighting or two, but there’s at least one big name you can count on being there. reported that model, fashion blogger, and all around style icon Pippa O’Connor will host this year’s festival.

O’Connor told RTE writer Kayla Walsh that ” being the face of the Festival is an honour and it is something I wanted to do for a couple of years now.” She continued, “I have always championed Irish style and I love the charm and energy of Dublin fashion.”

Needless to say, the fashion is the biggest draw to the festival. But as far as your attire goes, this is certainly an event where you’ll want to look your best. Since the colder fall weather is starting to creep in, and you’ll likely explore the festival outside and be on foot, I recommend you take advantage of one of the season’s warmer trends.

Several fall styles have been outlined on recently that are very appropriate. Casual sweaters and cold weather skirts are popular this season, and both looks will keep you feeling toasty while you explore. There are also a few different articles on fashionable footwear that you can actually walk in. They cover everything from stylish canvas sneakers to block heel pumps, so you won’t have to cut your visit short due to aching feet.

If you’re a fan of clothes, food, and adventure, the Dublin Fashion Festival has everything you’re looking for. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

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