Letter from Paris by Thérèse


:etter from Paris* is the latest novel written by Los Angeles based writer Thérèse. Letter from Paris is the sequel to Thérèse’s first book; India’s Summer, but stands alone as a whole new adventure in (the character) India Butler’s life.
The book begins with India taking a trip to Paris, where she finds herself presented with an exciting new opportunity. This turn creates a whole new chapter in India’s life – new friendships, romantic relationships and a wildly different career; all the while set in some of the world’s most cosmopolitan and fast paced cities.
Letter from Paris also follows the story of Luella Marchmont, an established London based writer who is experiencing some life changes of her own, which too apply to her career and relationships. The experiences of both the characters are very true to life – they handle each challenge in a very realistic and relatable way, which made me warm to both India and Luella as their stories evolved.

I found Letter from Paris very light reading; entertaining and current, with dashes of humour throughout. It took a little while to get into the meat of the story, but once your there, all the characters are entwined and all serve an important purpose to ensure the story’s progression. The writing is very descriptive and different to what I’m used to in terms of how current it is; there are very specific brand and designer references. I felt this style of writing is directed at fashion and beauty junkies; it would definitely pique their interest in terms of reliability and the ability to see iconic pieces in the mind’s eye, which only adds to the authenticity of the story and the chic lifestyle portrayed. I particularly enjoyed the references to author Inès de la Fressange’s book, Parisian Chic.
The main theme of Letter to Paris is undoubtedly change, and the fact that it’s inevitable. It reminds us that if these seemingly very real characters can handle these unexpected challenges; we ourselves are just as capable.

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*Letter from Paris was kindly sent to me for consideration by Launch PR. As always on Travel Style Food, opinions are my own.


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