Rookie Mistakes First Time Cruisers Make

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With recent figures suggesting that four in ten Brits would like to try a cruise holiday, there’s no better time to leave the chilly weather and book with Cruise Deals to get some winter sun. One of the reasons for the popularity of cruise holidays is the great compromise between international sightseeing and relaxing retreat, as the ship serves as a high quality resort while allowing day trips at port for visiting. If you’re looking to go on a cruise, make sure you don’t make these rookie mistakes.

Forgetting Travel Insurance

Just because your holiday is all-inclusive and mostly spent on board, that doesn’t mean you can forget to buy travel insurance before you leave. Accidents can happen, and while you’re out on day excursion it really does pay to have insurance if you fall ill, injure yourself and need medical treatment, or anything happens to your mobile phone or passport.

Assuming Warm, Dry Weather

It always pays to check the weather report while you’re packing your suitcase whether at home or away. Many cheaper cruise deals to hot destinations like the Caribbean tend to coincide with the start of hurricane season – so while it might still be hot, it pays to dress sensibly to save you wasting sightseeing time trying to shop for a raincoat.

Not Checking Visa Requirements

It’s all too easy to assume that everything will be taken care of for you, but try not to fall into that habit – talk to your booking agent to find out the visa requirements of your day destinations to ensure a stress-free visit. And of course, be sure that your passport is well in date in time for your holiday.

Not Making Dining Arrangements

On all-inclusive trips you may have to book certain mealtimes, especially if the ship is totally full, so don’t forget to do this at a time that fits in with your lifestyle. Additionally, if you have any dietary requirements or allergies, be sure to inform the catering staff so they can accommodate you.

Forgetting To Book Tours

Would you book any other holiday without doing your research on destinations? It can be helpful to pre-book tours if you want to get an overall flavour of the locale, or at the very least make sure that you are aware of public transport you will need to get you from port to city.

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