Buffalo Shrimp Salad

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Only a few short days ago I returned from the most amazing trip! I spent three wonderful weeks stateside for both work and play. For every day I was there, I ate in a different restaurant. I love American food, and I really did adapt the attitude of go hard or go home, having whatever I liked, whenever I wanted it for 24 days. Now that I’m back, I wanted to slide back into healthy eating but incorporate some of the American flavours while I get over my jet-lag and post holiday blues.
Inspired by my friends at Phipps PR, I created this recipe (if you’d even classify it as a recipe, it’s so easy!) with one of their many clients in mind,  Frank’s Red Hot. I picked up some of their buffalo wings sauce, as buffalo sauce probably featured more than any other on my trip; with ranch coming in at a very close second.

This recipe has a twist, serving prawns (or shrimp!) instead of chicken with the buffalo sauce, but you can substitute it any way you like! It can be served in lettuce leaves or here, as a salad for a lighter option, or can be served as tacos or in quesadillas with heaps of cheese if you feel like Tex-Mex for dinner.

This recipe serves two, or one really hungry person! It might not look the prettiest, but it’s tasty, filling and has a nice bite to it. Let’s get started…


300g cooked peeled prawns
1 tbsp rapeseed/sesame oil
1 avocado
6 tbsp of Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce
Salad (I used spinach leaves and rocket)
2 green chillies (optional)
1 handful coriander/cilantro
Sour cream, salsa, cheese, all optional

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I started by deseeding and finely chopping the chillies, then mixed them with the rapeseed oil in a medium pan. I fried the prawns on both sides for 2-3 minutes (medium heat) then let them cool slightly before adding the wing sauce and giving it a good stir.
Then I added a handful of coriander and served the prawns on a bed of rocket and spinach leaves.  I spooned the prawns out of the bowl as I didn’t want the salad to be too wet.
With the remaining sauce, I mixed it with sour cream to create a dressing.

And that’s it!
This was especially handy as I didn’t need many ingredients, and it’s inexpensive to make. I travelled to Poland the next day so I didn’t have to worry about anything going bad in the fridge!

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It’s a pretty versatile recipe, as is the many ways you can use the sauce – it’s a handy one to have in your cupboard.  And, you could make it with your eyes closed. Although I wouldn’t recommend it!

Thanks to Phipps PR (who represent fantastic food and drink brands) for the opportunity to get involved with their team!

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