June Favourites

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Welcome! Here I am, ten days into July and sharing my June favourites. Can’t rush these things. If truth be told, the very thought that it’s July already leaves me quaking in my *insert name of seasonally appropriate footwear of your choosing here* so I felt I needed to ease myself in. That and I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t off enjoying a shockingly decent Irish summer. The sun is shining. Outside my window. As I type this.* WITCHCRAFT!

Now that small talk and weather commentary are out of the way (a winning topic of conversation among my neighbours) let’s do this. June favourites, in July.

*By the time this post is published, it may be raining, so the above will be null and void. I apologise, should there be inaccuracies.


Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Red Base

I’m going to start by making a second reference to witchcraft. My first June favourite is Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine Anti-Red Base. Or as I like to call it, ‘mint green goo that does magical stuff to your face that you won’t believe is happening.’ Since it’s summertime, there’s no need for crazy heavy makeup, right? Wearing a lot is uncomfortable and we’d all benefit greatly in this heat by wearing something light, like tinted moisturiser or BB cream. This Catrice primer is perfect if you feel a little self conscious about uneven skin tone or red patches that BB cream alone won’t cover. The primer comes out green and yes, goes on green. It somehow camouflages the red patches by way of optical illusion, and  you end up with an impressively clear complexion to work with. I picked this up in Penneys on a whim for a mere €4.49 and have been using it quite often for its mystical results.



My second June favourite is the photo editing app, Snapseed. Out of so many apps like this, I have truly found The One. I know VSCO is a pretty popular choice but we didn’t get along well. I end up downloading photo editing apps which I use once and forget about. Snapseed on the other hand is very user friendly and a very pleasant app overall. I use it all the time! OK, maybe not all the time, like when I’m being lazy and I just settle for the Instagram tools (which have improved greatly I might add.) If you’re in the market for a new photo editing app, give Snapseed a go, it’s slick and it’s freeeeeee. Lower your eyebrow! This is not a plug.


Little Miracles*

These are fun. I’m addicted to these. The first time I got my paws on one was at the IMAGE Networking Breakfast and I loved it, so the nice folk at Primeline Marketing sent me the whole range to try. They’re refreshing and give you a boost and they’re great after a workout or if you’re feeling a little hungover. All flavours are natural and they don’t taste syrupy or too sweet, leaving you thirsty afterward. I pick them up whenever I can (a place you’ll always find Little Miracles is Londis.) I love all the flavours except the orange bottle, which is lemongrass, orange, ginger, ginseng and agave. It’s a little weak on taste compared to the other three, but all are good for a boost in the heat.


Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Beach*

 While no perfume will ever take the place of my beloved Narciso, it’s nice to change it up with the seasons. The latest perfume from jewellery, watch and beauty brand Thomas Sabo is called Charm Rose Beach, and it’s summer in a fancy little bottle. This perfume is lovely and light, with citrus, green tea, cedar and amber notes. It’s in no way sweet (excellent news) with an aroma reminiscent of fresh sea air on a sunny day. Dreamy, right? I’ve worn this plenty throughout June and the bottle is the perfect size to take along with you in your handbag. €27.95 for 30ml, €44.95 for 50ml.


Bauknecht Appliance and Cooking Demonstration with Stephen Taylor Winter

On a very, very sunny Thursday in June, I attended the Bauknecht Demonstration in KAL, Citywest. This made the favourites list because it was such a memorable evening. Organised by Revolve PR, a taxi picked me up and brought me to KAL. I was one of the first to arrive so I lay on the grass under the sun, waiting for the others to arrive. When we went inside the KAL Advisory, we got a good look at all the Bauknecht Appliances. These appliances are made in Germany, so you know their performance is going to be ridiculous. Ridiculous in a good way!
Cordon Bleu chef, Stephen Taylor Winter made countless dishes while showcasing the ovens and Bauknecht microwave, which made the perfect cake in 11 minutes. He also used a steam oven to cook lamb, that uses a water canister that you can alternate with water or stock. He then grilled sausages, cooked pork loin with crackling and roast potatoes all in the one oven. And what was in the other oven? Two whole chickens, which were cooked perfectly within the hour. After sampling all the food made in the snazzy ovens of the future, I headed to the city for cocktails. There was a great atmosphere – the sun was setting and the city was buzzing, filled with people holding ice creams wearing shades and summer attire. Just like on holidays! I included the pic of me (nailing the bewildered potato face look) because those are my favourite trousers, that I’m wearing in my favourite city and this is a favourites post. It all ties in, you see.

Have a wonderful weekend, doing all your favourite things. x

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