Brioche, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

brioche2YES! It’s true! when you visit Brioche, they bring you a small little loaf of warm, soft brioche, straight from the oven! And let me tell you, it smells divine. I know, I too just thought it was nothing but a truly lovely name, but as it turns out, they follow through. It’s good…as are the other dishes there.

So let’s get started.

I went to Brioche recently after my lovely friends at Zomato sent me a voucher to give it a try. Brioche is in the style of a French bistro and describes itself as a tasting plate restaurant. It’s located on Elmwood Avenue, Ranelagh. While parking can be a nightmare in the town, it’s in a pretty good spot for leaving the car in a safe and quiet area.


Brioche is quite small, but charming. The tables are close together but it didn’t bother me as I was seated at the window, which I suggest requesting; especially on a sunny evening. The menu is clear and simple; a la carte and a tasting menu. My dining partner and I were in the mood to choose whatever we liked from the menu so went for a la carte, but next time I would definitely try the tasting menu. The tasting menu actually works out a little cheaper.


We ordered sparkling water for the table and a bottle of Guerinda Crianza, which I loved. A wine from the Navarra region of Spain with a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes.


Soon afterward, out came the brioche. The little loaves looked so golden, pillowy and perfectly formed. It was love at first sight. The bread wasn’t too sweet but you if you like your brioche a little less on the savoury side, it comes with a little dish of butter, with a smattering of brown sugar and a drizzle of maple syrup. It was honestly the best brioche I’ve ever had.


Next was the amuse bouche which was presented beautifully (all the dishes are) and our starters. We both chose the Castletownbere crab, served with heritage tomato, avocado and relish. The flavours were fantastic, but the portions are quite small for the price. It is a tasting plate restaurant; so I would imagine the price goes into all the high quality produce. I would recommend ordering the three courses or tasting menu option (which also comes with a vegetarian option) to ensure you have enough.


For the main course we were order twins again! We both chose the Lambay Island lamb neck, which was the winning dish at Taste of Dublin this year, and I can see why. It was delicious; the meat was so tender and full of flavour. The lamb neck was served with feves, aubergine and courgette which all had a really unique and earthy taste. As someone who grew up visiting grandparents out in the Portrane and Donabate area, it was nice to have something from the east coast.


We ordered a side of potato with chives and olive oil to go with the lamb which did not disappoint – I was dreaming about this stuff when I got home!


To finish, the selection of artisan cheese with mix seed crackers and a glass of port, and I had a coffee and ‘petit fours.’ I was a little disappointed when just only two items arrived on the plate. Any time I had petit fours before, there was at least four presented, but it might just be Brioche’s style.

While Brioche is expensive, the food is tasty and really is top quality, but I probably wouldn’t go again unless it was a special occasion. The atmosphere and service were good, and I love an open kitchen!

For Brioche’s website, click here.

For Zomato, click here!

*Zomato provided me with a voucher for Brioche, which we added to. As always, thoughts are my own.

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